The Nasus Saga: Progress Update

Let’s see, what updates can I give you guys on Nasus today …

1)  I found a better way to weather my armor pieces than the dry brushing technique I was using previously.  Even spray painted over the old part on the cross piece and did the weathering over.  This time I mixed the paint and added water to it so that I could turn it into more of a wash.  I brushed it heavily over any raised designed and crevices.  Then I smeared it around with a wet paper towel, and left it for a couple seconds (not long!).  It looks about like this after the smearing.

photo 4

Finally, I took a dry paper towel and wiped down the armor pieces, removing the majority of the wash.  Here is the set of bracers next to each other – one is weathered, one is not.

photo 3 (3)The difference is quite subtle (the one on the left is weathered).  I actually did the process a second time for that bracer, trying to get more paint on the central bug design.  I’m almost done with the puffy paint and weathering on my pieces – just the collar and the skirt to go.

2)  I added some puffy paint to the helm and added some black paint to the tails on the helmet.  Also weathering, though it is not done yet in this photo.

photo 1 (2)


3)  I patterned out the pieces for my bodysuit to wear under the armor.  I will probably stitch that together tonight.  Also need to add clear elastic bands back onto the face pieces since I painted the old ones and wound up cutting them off haha.  No pictures of this yet; patterning can be a bit boring.  I made a front, a back, and a sleeve piece.  And completely used up the black Lycra knit I’ve had in my stash for over a year – huzzah!

4)  I worked on the axe some – got some 1″ thick foam sheets and cut an axe shaped piece out to go between my Worbla pieces.  I have spray painted the axe pieces, but some detail painting has yet to be finished. I worked on adding the handle to the PVC pipe, and putting wood filler on it to smooth out the Wonderflex.


I think I have decided I am putting way too much wood filler on the wonderflex, but what is done is done.  Now I will know for next time.  In the meantime, the axe is not going to be my favorite piece of this costume LOL.  I attached the foam axe head to the PVC handle with some hot glue and some duck tape.  I just didn’t trust the hot glue to be enough once I got the heavier pieces of this thing on there.


I did a test run on one side of the axe to see how it will look with the gem light, and where I might be able to house the battery.  I think I am going to cut a battery sized hole in the central foam and cover it with tape of some kind on the day of, once the batteries are inserted.


That’s really it for now.  Next weekend is going to have to be my trial run fiesta, which leaves next week to finish up all the last little bits of things.

I am a little worried now that the version of Nasus I am cosplaying is not an active skin for the character in League of Legends.  The version I am making is based on the old school classic Nasus – even his main skin got an update … hopefully no one will judge me too much for that.  I added a lot of my own tweaks to it anyway, with the puffy paint design and some modifications to the helm and collar piece.  Cosplay would be boring if everyone did everything the same way – at least that is my opinion.

Next week you can look forward to a couple of pre-DragonCon posts, trial runs, and that kind of stuff.  Two weeks to go!




2 comments for “The Nasus Saga: Progress Update

  1. August 14, 2014 at 9:28 pm


    you are so talented and i love how detailed this is. not because i could ever replicate it, because i don’t have the patience and i could never, but it amazes me how people do stuff like this.

    so. awesome.

    • August 14, 2014 at 9:30 pm

      Thanks! I am still just a beginner at this stuff haha. And I love reading your blog, too! 🙂


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