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Time’s a ticking!  I’m gonna be taking this week to do some DragonCon themed posts while I get all the finishing touches put on my costumes.

OK.  So I borrowed this idea from a fellow cosplayer and DragonCon attendee, Kelldar.  I’m hoping to run into her at the convention this year, since she’ll be wearing Megara and I have a Hades costume!  But since cell phones and social media worked so well last year, it is hard to say if that will happen… Anyway, it’s one of those quiz things where you answer questions about your experiences.  If anyone has their own good answers or stories related to a question on the list, be sure to comment on the post and share it! 😀

Regardless, cute DragonCon related quiz!  If you’ll be at the convention this year, look for me and come say hello if you spot me!

1. Favorite alias:  Tyraenna (it’s my go to in-game name for any MMO I play)

2. Hotel you’re staying in:  I’m still hoping to miraculously score a better one, but at the moment, we have a room at the Double Tree, which is in walking distance of the con.

3. What days will you be there:  Arriving Wednesday, staying with friends in the area, then heading to the con Thursday for badge pickup and early fun!

4. Best Room snack items:  Beef jerky (homemade), and possibly vodka gummy bears.

5. Most number of people you’ve shared a con room with? 2!  Been married since I started going.  Well I suppose technically there have been a few nights where we leant room space to a third friend, either sober or drunk.

6. Please give your current status: (as per this: Con Virgin, never been to any convention; Fresh Meat, never been to Dragoncon, but have been to others; Con Neophyte, years 2-5 of Dragoncon; Con Veteran, years 6-10 of Dragoncon; Exalted Con Elder, 11 years or more going to Dragoncon)  This will be my 6th year attending, so I guess that makes me a Con Veteran!

7. If you answered Fresh Meat, Veteran, Exalted Elder to number 6,What other cons are your favorites?  I have only been to two others – PAX, and Megacon.

7a. Have you ever left Dragoncon with more than $20 left?  Yes.  This is an odd question, and I don’t typically plan to bring all of my savings to DragonCon.  We tend to budget a spending amount for each of us, and actually we have had several times where neither of us has spent much.  I do always try to buy a t-shirt, though last year I failed at even that (sometimes I’m not a fan of the designs).  This year, I like the new logo, so I hope that makes it on some shirts!

7b. During the 4 days of Dragoncon have you gotten more than 20 hours of sleep?  Yes.  Not by a ton.  But my husband does like to sleep in, so I’m sure that influences my sleep habits.

8. Are you costuming (Cos Play)?  YES.  YES.  MOAR YES.

8a. If your answer to 8 was yes, could you please tell us what to be on the lookout for??  I’m bringing Sky Captain Rainbow Dash, Lady Amalthea, Hades, Nasus, and probably my Elizabeth costume.

9. Favorite Hall Costume (any con, any year. you can pick more than one)?  I have a soft spot for the Yup Yup monsters, and this raptor I saw one year wearing a dress.

10.Costume you’d most like to wear and why are you not rocking that?  Tron Siren.  I feel like I would be happy to wear this if I lost enough weight.  I support any and all cosplayers, but it’s all about what you are comfortable in, and I am certain I would not be comfortable wearing that costume right now.

11. Are you a gamer?  Yes.

11a. What’s your favorite game?  Probably Civ 5.  Most recently played MMOs would include Wildstar and Guild Wars 2.

12. Favorite Programming Track/s at Dragoncon?  Costuming!  All the tracks are great though, and I love the variety offered at DragonCon.

13. Sorry 13 is an unlucky number; therefore, this space has been pre-empted. (feel free to insert any smart ass comment here)  Meh.

14. What flavor of geek are you? Computer ? Podcaster? Robot Builder? Gamer? Photo Hound? I only come for the booze? Something not named?  Gamer – more board games than video games these days, though I enjoy both.  And I enjoy most sci-fi / fantasty shows in geekdom.

15. Science Fiction/Fantasy celeb, you’d like to have dinner with?  Patrick Stewart.  Especially if Ian McClellan came along.  Those guys just look like they have too much fun.

15a. Favorite Celeb you’ve had dinner/drink with?  Can’t say that I have done this.  I have spotted a few at the con – Lou Ferrigno while checking into the Marriott one year, Colin Ferguson at the elevators of the Marriott, and Felicia Day once rode the escalator several feet in front of us at the Hilton.

15b Story of above?  Ooops, I told them above.

15c. Science Fiction/Fantasy Celeb, you’d most like to get nasty with?  Probably not gonna share that.

16. Thing you’d most like to see stay the same at the Con?  The hotels being the host, rather than a convention center.

17. Thing you’d most like to see changed at Dragoncon?  Add another host hotel.  Extend DragonCon TV to more area hotels, at least the overflow ones.  Mail the freaking badges out ahead of time, or make the lines even faster to pick them up.

18. Favorite book or comic series or manga?  This is not really my thing … I do own some of the Drizzt Do’Urden books in comic book form, which I think are cool.  If we are talking favorite book series, I think I have to go with the Sword of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind.

19. What is your favorite Sci Fi TV show?   Too hard to pick.  On the SyFy channel right now … Face Off 🙂  All time … probably Star Trek TNG.

20. Favorite Con Musical group?  I liked Frenchy & the Punk in past years, but this year I am SUPER EXCITED about The Cog is Dead!!!

21. Are you on Staff/Panel Participant? What and where?   No.  I love the folks who do this, they MAKE the con what it is, but con is vacation for me.

21a. Panelist list your panels or artist, exhibitor or dealer? Where you gonna be?  N/A

22. Klingon, Star Fleet, Borg, Storm Trooper, Jedi, Browncoats, Scapers, Elf, Colonial, Cylon, Hobbit, Belly dancer, Drummer, Wizard, Furry, Steam Punk or what ever, I may have left off the list this year?   I might be dressed as Steampunk?  Not sure what this question is asking.

23. Current favorite special effects movie extravaganza? So far this summer, I enjoyed Transformers: Age of Extinction.

24. Favorite Con Activity?  People watching & cosplaying!

25. Con guest you’re most excited about meeting\seeing?  I am doing a cool workshop on Thursday with Roy Wooley and RJ Haddy from Faceoff so probably them.

26. Thing you’re looking forward to the most at Dragoncon 2014?  Wearing costumes, going to my first workshop, and attending a couple group photo sessions! 

27. Place you know you are likely to be if folks want to find you?  Trader Vic’s, around 11 pm Friday & Saturday.  Drum circle in the wee hours of the morning.  The Cog is Dead show (whenever that gets scheduled).  Gaming Hall in the Hilton at various times.  Hoping to hang out in the Marriott Atrium a few times with my costumes as well, but no planned times.

28. Thing that’s on your must see/do list while at Dragoncon?  The dealer hall!

29. Best Con memory: (come on tell us a story! )  Hmmm … probably drum circle.  There was a year where drunk Colin used an empty water jug as a drum.  And there is always an older lady at the drum circle dancing, we are fans of hers, so she is kind of a staple of DragonCon for us.




2 comments for “DragonCon Quiz Meme

  1. August 18, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    This is John from The Cog is Dead. Glad you’re excited about our upcoming performance! Just wanted to let you know our main stage show at Dragon Con is scheduled for Saturday night at midnight (or technically 12am Sunday depending on how you look at it)

    Hope to see you there!
    – Captain John Sprocket

    • August 18, 2014 at 8:28 pm

      Hah, fantastic! Can’t wait, and thanks for the info! 🙂


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