The Nasus Saga: Fasteners & Velcro

Nasus is complete.  Finally!  It’s been 5-6 weeks since I started, though the brainchild of this costume occurred prior to Orkfest.

I spent the last week sealing the paint on the armor, adding fasteners and velcro, and using the heat gun to reshape a few pieces.  Here is a small peek at Nasus:

photo 1 (4)

Taking a selfie with all this stuff on was not the easiest thing ever.  After I took this shot, I used the heat gun to move the tails on the helmet a bit, they were touching the gem a lot on the chest piece.

I added some clippy fasteners (I bought a large bag of small ones on Amazon) to the bracers, shin guards, cross piece, and the skirt.  I also added velcro to the bracers and shin guards to try to hold them in place a bit.  I used worbla scraps to attach them to the armor pieces.  FYI, they don’t stick to foam well …

photo 1 (3)

I added just velcro to the shoulder / chest piece.  The wires for the gem are glued down a bit, and the weird square thing is a pocket I made for the 9v battery – I used duct tape, and then painted it gold.  As you can tell I was not super careful about painting the inside of my armor pieces, but I tried to get the parts that might be visible to folks.

photo 2 (4)

Corresponding pieces to all the velcro were stuck onto the bodysuit and leggings.  I didn’t stitch them on, since the pieces are already put together, but I might add a bit of fabric glue for good measure.  Here is a shot of a leg piece.  I put hot glue around the edges of the sticky velcro to try to secure it in place a bit more.  Seems like that worked pretty well.  The fasteners on the leg pieces are actually really hard to clasp, so I’m kind of wishing I had used a different solution, despite the fact that they hold the armor nice and securely.  If these fail, it will be the fault of the worbla engineering to attach them heh.

photo 3 (4)

Some things about this costume:

1.  I am going to sweat a lot.  I might pick up some talcum powder and try to prevent that with the bodysuit, as I have heard that is helpful.

2.  It is going to be noisy, since anytime the armor pieces touch, they clink, and from my shoulders up I have about four pieces that touch constantly, including the helm.  Might give myself a headache hah.

3.  The axe is heavy as fuck and unbalanced.

4.  The skirt piece is awkward.  If any pieces break, I am betting on the cross piece that holds this together.  I added hot glue to the fasteners to reinforce the worbla.

I have a feeling my wear of this costume will be a bit short – probably Saturday afternoon and evening, so I can participate in the League of Legends photoshoot.  Afterwards I may just take it to the Marriott Atrium to stand around a bit – it is not going to be great for walking around in.  Stay tuned for the trial run next week!


4 comments for “The Nasus Saga: Fasteners & Velcro

  1. August 21, 2014 at 8:28 am

    After all this work, I think you should just display your costume around the house somewhere. Possibly on your dress form when it’s not in use, ha. You could set it up in the guest room and freak out all who enter.


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