The Nasus Saga: Trial Run

Thank heavens for trial runs!  Every time I am grateful for what I learn.

With Nasus, I learned the following:

1)  I need to attempt a more dimensional paint job on my face to give it some depth.  Should be a challenge to paint black fur.  Hope it doesn’t look super different from my flat black Lycra suit.

2)  I need to buy the correct type of airbrush paint – fail!  This kind was not for body painting and it was peeling off like nobody’s business.  See all the cracks and missing paint below?

photo 4-6

3)  My fasteners for my leg pieces were not staying on well.  Need to add more hot glue.

4)  The stick on velcro was a horrible plan, and nearly all of it came off the body suit and the leggings.  Also, it wasn’t really necessary.

5)  I am probably going to whack somebody with the axe.  Need to try to put a wall behind me for my battle pose.

6)  I was sweating after 20 minutes of wearing this, so I definitely need to try talcum powder before the lycra suit.

7)  The sandals are a little small around the ball of my foot, but probably bearable.

Here is a shot of the red contacts I am wearing.  They cover my blue eyes pretty well, and are comfortable.  It always bugs me that the iris hole in these contacts is too big and shows a bit of blue through it.  Honestly, in most of the pictures with this costume, you won’t be able to tell the color of my eyes.  Maybe I can photoshop some red glowy eyes later heh.

photo 5-4


I have three poses, one which is not pictured here as I didn’t download it from my good camera.  First, simple standing pose for photos in a crowd.

photo 3-6


Next, a fun battle pose, which is great if I am standing in the Marriott Atrium somewhere with space.

photo 2-5


There are tons of things about this costume that could be done better.  For instance, I hate how the leg pieces are very straight and don’t show any shape to my calves.  And the spot for my hand on the axe is “correct” but the axe is so heavy I have to hold it a little higher for this pose.  But for a first time using thermoplastics, first time airbrushing, first time casting gems and putting lights in them … I’m pretty pleased that this came together as well as it did.

Onward to DragonCon!  – “There, for grace, I go!” ~Nasus


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