Lady Amalthea Trial Run

In the grand scheme of things, Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn is the simplest costume I’ve made.  And yet I’m a bit unhappy with it.  Well if I’m being realistic, I’m unhappy with me, not the costume hah. Regardless, I am glad I did the trial run, as usual.

The makeup part went well.  I’m much happier with these lavender contacts than with the ones I had for Rainbow Dash, so I’ll be using these new ones for both at DragonCon next week.  I tried to keep the makeup tones soft, with pearly whites and lavenders, and it looked nice, but didn’t show up well in the photos.  I may go a tiny bit darker and heavier with the makeup for the con.  Here is a headshot where you can see the makeup well enough.


I painted the star on my forehead (it might be a bit off center, I will have to do better next time lol), and used a giant white eyebrow pencil to lighten my eyebrows to match my wig.  Covered my face with a bit of a pearly sheen, light pink lipstick, and lavender eye shadow which got a little lost.  You can see it a tad better here.  I also used some latex rubber paint to stick a pink gem to the center of the star.

photo 2 (5)The Lady Amalthea is not a smiley character, so I’m doing my best to look contemplative and sad, without looking ridiculous.  I think I’m only half-succeeding there.

I went outside with the prop for a few photos to see how the mirror prop would photograph.  Turns out, it photographs pretty well, but I have to hold it at an angle and maybe turn my face toward the camera a bit more, even though I probably shouldn’t LOOK at the camera.



After seeing these pictures it was clear I needed to hem the dress and that I would need a slip.  I love the crushed panne velvet for this dress, but it hugs every curve and crease on your body, so it’s not really working for me.  After I threw on a poofy slip beneath the dress, I felt happier about it.  I need to tie the slip tighter next time, but the general idea is correct.



I did a few other things this weekend – tried to paint my Nasus nose a bit to ensure that it shows up a little better in photos, sewed the straps for my Hades sandals, and I re-styled my Rainbow Dash wig.  It was my first time ever styling a wig, and it went pretty well I think.  I’m much happier with it now than I was for Megacon.  I watched this useful tutorial from Arda wigs (where I bought Amalthea and Hades from) prior to styling.

As a reminder, here is what the wig came looking like from Amazon.  When you spend $20 on a cheap wig, you get what you pay for.


And here is the styled wig.  Left is where I sectioned off the pieces I wanted.  Then I took pictures on each side of the wig once I was done.  It took me a couple of hours to do.


Now I have to figure out how to travel with it O.o  I will probably leave it on the styrofoam head somehow.  I didn’t want to stand any spikes up on my head since I have to wear ear headband and my hat.  I also remember how this wig was a little too small for my head and had me tugging on it throughout Megacon, so I hope I can secure it better this time.

Tonight I am doing my trial run for Hades.  I may or may not have time to post about it before the con. :/



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