As usual, I have about eleventy-billion things on my schedule in the DragonCon App. I will probably go to two or three haha. If you are going to con and want to meetup, shoot me an app friend code on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.


If, as in previous years, the internet gods frown upon us, here are a few of the things I will definitely be at:

1. The Cog Is Dead concert – midnight between Saturday and Sunday (aka 12:00 am Sunday) in the Marriott

2. League of Legends Photoshoot at 2:30 pm Saturday on the Hilton patio (this is not an official event so it’s not on the schedule)

3. My Little Pony Meetup at 7 pm Saturday on the Hilton pool deck (also not an official event)

4.  Trader Vic’s in the Hilton somewhere between 10:30 pm and midnight, Friday & Saturday. (Let’s face it, my guaranteed things are just not “official”)

I have a ton of other things listed, but these are fairly certain. Also, when in doubt, my husband and I wind up in the gaming hall in the basement of the Hilton, so that is a safe place to look for us.


As for my anticipated costume schedule, here you go:

8/28 Thursday night:  I might wear something to go have some photos taken at the Marriott.

8/29 Friday:  Lady Amalthea (morning), Hades (evening)

8/30 Saturday:  Nasus (afternoon), Rainbow Dash (evening)

8/31 Sunday: Elizabeth (morning), Hades/Rainbow Dash (evening)


Tomorrow will be my final post pre-DragonCon – the trial run of my Hades costume. Cheers!


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