Hades Trial Run

I have determined that airbrushing in and of itself is not too difficult.  Figuring out the paint situation is a bit more of a challenge.

When I did my Nasus trial, I realized I bought paint that was not meant to be sprayed on the human body.  It was water based and easy to remove, but very latex-like and made my face feel … stuck.  Not sure why I didn’t think to do this originally, but I ordered some paint that is specifically for painting on skin.  Strangely, I have ordered this stuff before – it’s Mehron Face Painting Liquid, and I’ve got several small bottles of various colors in my makeup stash.  According to Amazon, this paint can be sprayed on with an airbrush.

When I tried it, I found that the statement is only somewhat true.  It does in fact go through the airbrush.  It’s just a little too thick to go through the airbrush WELL.  I tried adding some water and mixing it up in the airbrush cup.  I added too much and it didn’t seem like it mixed well as I had splotches on my face of drippy watery areas.  No good.

The next attempt, I pre-mixed my paint in a tiny cup (I have white and a medium gray, but Hades needs a light gray).  I measured how much was in the cup, and then I added only a couple drops of water to it (about 1/16 of an oz, according to the cup).  I mixed it for a while, and then poured it into the airbrush.  This was MUCH more successful, and allowed me to complete my trial run.


The contacts I am wearing are supposed to be yellow.  But with my light blue eyes, they turn into a weird color.  Definitely different than blue, and the gray makeup seems to help, but not quite the glowing yellow I wanted.  My choices were limited for prescription yellow lenses 🙁  Maybe another time.

After the trial, I made some adjustments to my face with the leftover paint.  I removed some of the eye triangles, bringing them down to circles around my eyes.  And I used my crazy white eyebrow pencil plus some blue eyeshadow to turn the eyebrows blue.  I think I liked the way this looked a tad better.  I also discovered that it may be faster to apply the base coat of the gray paint to myself with a sponge rather than the airbrush, and then just do the darker accents with the airbrush.  Speed is everything with makeup at DragonCon.  I know I can sit in my room for 2 hours putting on a costume, and I’d really rather not.


Above is the sort of exasperated look I am going for for my pose, though I intend to hold Pain and Panic out to the side / front a bit more.  I don’t quite have the sneer down, but dammit I can roll my eyes like a champ.  Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic.

photo 1-8

And here is a straight-faced, slight smirk, still blurry photo of it.

photo 2-6

The shoes aren’t yet finished, but they will lace up my legs like the ice fairy ones did.  The toga piece needs safety pins to hold it in place a little bit.  And there is a short in one of the el-wires if I raise my shoulders too much, but I think it will be mostly okay.  Obviously, three of my appendages are unpainted, and for the full costume I will paint them all.  And Panic’s neck?  Still slightly bendy.  Can’t put it back in the oven or I will remelt the hot glue.  Here’s hoping he stays in one piece!  Also, these photos don’t show the sparklies on the black fabric, which is a little sad. Maybe I will get some better photos at the convention that do show that.  The ones with my better camera show the sparkles more, so there is hope.

Well, that’s it until after the con folks!  Watch Facebook, Twitter, and Stre.am for convention updates as I am able to provide them!


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