My DragonCon Cosplay Experience: Friday

Last week, my posts were focused on DragonCon in general – how it went and what cool cosplays we witnessed.  Today I want to focus on the costumes I wore and how my experience was wearing each of them.  I’ll probably separate this into a few posts cause I have a LOT of notes, hah.


I wore Lady Amalthea during the early part of Friday because it was easy and required the least amount of makeup out of my planned costumes.  We stopped outside the hotel to take a couple photos.


I did learn a few things wearing this costume:

1.  Leaving a short train in the back of the dress may have looked nice, but it was SUPER dirty after walking around the con.  The train was also easy to step on and so I had to bunch the skirt and carry it a lot, especially on the escalators.

2.  I wore some Spanx underneath this outfit, mostly to help prevent chafing on my thighs.  The Spanx went up above my waist, to right under the bust.  If you have worn these before, you probably know that they roll down to your waist easily and create icky creases on your body where you don’t want them.  I used fashion tape at the top of the Spanx to hold them just under the bust line and prevent the uncomfortable rolling.  It worked gloriously!

3.  Placing those tiny pink gems on the star on my forehead looks fantastic, but boy does it suck.  I used rubber latex to help stick them there, and that stuff smells horrible.  And then your hand gets in the way so you can barely see where you are sticking the gem. Big hassle.  But worth it.  You can kind of see the gems below in this selfie that was quite gloriously photo-bombed LOL.


I did not expect to be recognized much in this cosplay, and my expectations were correct.  While I loved The Last Unicorn growing up, it is a bit obscure. The handful of folks that did recognize me and come up to me were very excited about my cosplay choice.  One lady showed me a tattoo on her thigh of the riddle singing butterfly from the beginning of the movie.  I wish I had taken a picture of it!  I had fun wearing this costume even though not everyone knew who I was.  I also did see another Lady Amalthea during the convention while we were people watching – she had a Smendrick with her too. If I had not been a story up at the time, I would have tried to get a photo.


I chose to wear Hades in the evening since it had the el wire on it and I wanted it to be seen glowing. I made Jesse take a couple of photos in the room before we left – they are the only ones I have where you can see the glowing.


Hades was much more recognizable than Amalthea, despite my gender bent take on it. As we were walking down the street to the convention, a food vendor shouted, “Hades rules!! Can I take a selfie?” at me. This was one of my favorite moments in this costume, and I walked over with Pain and Panic and posed with him for a selfie.  I got plenty of other photos, but this one sticks out in my memory.

As usual this costume was not without wear problems.

1. Body paint. I opted for sponging on the liquid paint I had bought for the airbrush, simply because it was way faster. However, it took several coats, and in certain places, like my shins, it had a hard time sticking at all. Regardless, it looked good when done. But it washed off easily (I totally stuck my hands in the running water of the sink, and had to redo them), and sweated off a bit (I left gray streaks on my beer bottle). I did airbrush the darker gray highlights onto my face which went well. Overall, I am not sure what I could have done better. Maybe I didn’t use a good finishing spray to seal it? Or maybe I need higher quality paint? Not certain. Here’s a selfie we took while people watching that night at the Marriott.


2. El wire short. Despite having redone the el wire after the first short, I had a second short on the left side, if I lifted my shoulders just right. It was fine for most of the time that I wore it, but made me paranoid and I know this costume won’t last forever without a fix to that.

3. I needed several safety pins to hold the toga piece in the right position on my body, and it was actually tough to pin the skull and drape piece on at all – I wished I had used a larger pin back. Maybe this will be fixed before next wear.

4. Pain and Panic made it there mostly intact, covered in bubble wrap and plastic bags to cushion them. I was glad I had brought my hot glue gun and superglue because their tails both fell off right before we left the room. Also, Pain lost a foot somewhere during the evening. Never getting that back lol. Panic’s flimsy neck made me nervous but it survived.

Surprisingly, the sandals stayed tied on my feet just fine all evening.

Ultimately, I was happy and pretty comfortable wearing these costumes at the con.  I wore them each for 4-5 hours, but could have worn them longer if I hadn’t been trying to fit so many costumes into my schedule.  These two went pretty well overall.  Cheers!


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