DragonCon 2014: Professional Photos Multi-Pass

One of the other interesting things I did at DragonCon this year was purchase a Multipass with a professional photographer, Bryan Humphrey: Mad Scientist with a Camera.  It cost me $75, but for that amount I could go to his booth in as many costumes as I wanted over the course of the weekend to have photos taken.  And it included a small 2GB USB stick with the DragonCon logo on which they loaded the pictures.  I’ve put an album on my Facebook page with some of my favorite shots from this photography adventure, but I’ll share some here as well.


This was a great deal.  I wound up with 33 photos of 4 different costumes.  Bryan’s booth was setup on the Marquis level of the Marriott, in between the entrance and exit doors for the walk of fame, and within view of all the band tables.  They had lots of helpers – one for check-in, several to manage the line, and a few to help with loading photos to the USB sticks afterwards.


Each time I went I had to check-in with someone so that they could track how many times I used my multipass and so that they could place me in line with a dry erase board.  The board helped them separate pictures out later, and included info about who I was, what character I was cosplaying, etc.  The first time I went for Lady Amalthea photos was when I stood in the longest line.  And they had some technical difficulties with the laptops and software, so there were a couple times where I waited for my photos to be put on my USB stick longer than I stood in line for the photos.


It would have been nice to have several different background choices, but that would have made the wait longer for sure.  And I feel like the background he used was an excellent choice for showing both dark and light costumes.


Bryan did tell me that apparently crushed panne velvet is a frustrating material to photograph since it reflects the light so much.


I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t manage to take a photo of Hades where you could see my el wire glowing.  Next time if I do something like this, I’ll be sure to ask for something like that.  Also, despite noticing everytime AFTER I took photos, I never remembered to remove my fitbit for the photography session.  Oh well.


I do have to say, having poses for costumes here is key.  And if you think you feel like an idiot in the privacy of your own home practicing poses in costumes, I promise it only gets better to pose while there are about 30 people in your immediate vicinity (though in all likelihood only a few of them are paying any attention to you).


Nasus was a great example of a dark costume that still popped with the gray background.



I like the perspective on this Rainbow Dash shot, and the view it gives of my styled wig.  But at the same time, you can kind of see that the wig is too small – near my ear a hint of my dark hair is visible.

This was a neat thing to do, and I was glad I participated.  Working with Bryan was great, and I would definitely consider purchasing this pass again, depending on how many costumes go with me to DragonCon next year.  I believe he also offers group passes or just individual shots of a single costume.


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