Scourgify Craft Room!

Wouldn’t cleaning be so much better if it just happened with a flick of a magic wand?  I bet Molly Weasley could teach me a spell.


No?  Maybe I need to investigate methods of acquiring a house elf instead.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Perhaps I could train the dogs to clean for me?


Penny is a good house elf look-alike, but her cleaning skills leave something to be desired.

Despite my decided lack of house elves or a working scourgify charm, I spent much of last weekend reorganizing my craft room.


Before I got started, I headed off to Bed Bath & Beyond, armed with lots of coupons. Luckily, the store was having a clearance sale on its college dormitory stuff, so there were good prices to be had in addition to my coupons. I bought some shelves and baskets and closet organizers. Target supplemented my finds a bit, and they were also trying to get rid of form stuff on clearance, yay!

After returning home and banishing myself to the loft that I recently cleaned and decorated a bit for my husband, I spent a bit of time putting the shelves together.

And finally I was ready to clean! But where to start?!


Some of my time was spent unpacking boxes of things that went to DragonCon. Sometimes I went downstairs to bring up various crafty things that had made their way downstairs prior to the convention. Some of my time was spent shuffling through and rearranging the fabric stash.

Most of my time was spent finding random shit I did not know I had. O.o

Some things I found:
-A ton of Sculpey clay; I forsee some clay jewelry projects in my future!

-Googley eyes

-A bunch of steampunky chains


-Leatherworking stuff

-Spray paint

-Glass bottles



-Corset supplies

I have a lot more to do yet. But I have made significant progress. I do have a fairly large box that I will eloquently label “Random Shit”, where I will place stuff like wooden dowels and various sized styrofoam balls.


Once this is done and we have acquired an upstairs tv, I intend to move my sewing machine back up. Deirdre has already returned to her place in the corner.  And the fabric stash in the closet is under control.


Well, maybe I should say it it stacked neatly?  Fabric stashes aren’t MEANT to be “under control”.  And mine is not.  I still have like 6 yards of the velvet from Lady Amalthea (I have NO IDEA why I bought so much of it).  I need to find a good project for all of my scraps.

So far I am liking how it is coming together.  I’ve setup a folding table for cutting.  My storage methods seem to be working.  But I might need another shelf or two before I’m done.  We’ll see what the weekend holds.


2 comments for “Scourgify Craft Room!

  1. September 18, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    I need to do the same thing. Our office is awful right now, and my yarn stash is expanding quicker than I can knit with it all. I should probably get some shelves or some sort of hanging organizer for all the yarn in the office closet.

    • September 18, 2014 at 4:54 pm

      Gosh, thank goodness I haven’t taken up knitting as a hobby yet. It’s only a matter of time probably. Let me know how you organize it!


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