Cake Pops v2.0 – Office Cupcake Wars

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might remember a little cake pop adventure Elizabeth and I endeavored on two Christmases ago that ended in failure. I haven’t tried to make cake pops again since, being as scarred as I was. But with Halloween at the end of the month, I knew I wanted to try making them again, and work gave me a good excuse.

Yesterday was Cupcake Wars at Sparc. I’m lucky enough to work with my sister-in-law (along with a TON of other amazing people) and we entered this competition together.

I learned a lot during this bout of baking. Made the from scratch red velvet cake on Monday evening (using this recipe). I made 12 cupcakes…


A small square pan of cake to turn into more traditional cake pops (mixed with homemade cream cheese icing)…


And used the leftover batter the next day (yep, batter works just fine when refrigerated in a container overnight) when this arrived:


Those of you who know my husband know he is a picky eater. He’s not a fan of traditional cake pops where the icing is mixed into the center, so we decided to buy this thing (~$20) and give it a shot, hoping for a more cakey pop.


The last time I did this, the cake pop material didn’t harden enough and the chocolate covering wasn’t cooperating. This time, I left my “traditional” cake balls (the kind where you crumble a cake and mix icing in with it) in the freezer overnight, and researched how to properly thin out the white chocolate.

These things made a HUGE difference!

For the record, I used about 1 tbsp of canola oil for every 10 white chocolate pieces (I bought the Wilton bags), while I was melting. You want a consistency where it is running off your spoon, like so:


Here are the pops as I am coating them in chocolate.  The ones upside down in the stand are much more spherical and came out of the maker.  The hand-rolled ones were larger and a bit more oddly shaped.  It’s a preference thing on which you like better, though both are tasty. Hubby likes the cakey ones, I enjoy the hand-rolled ones a bit more, they have a bit of a fudgier texture.


With the ones that came out of the cake pop machine, you definitely want to dip the Popsicle stick in chocolate first and then insert it. Let the chocolate harden a bit before you coat the rest of the pop (as seen above).

Since we are doing a Harry Potter party at the end of the month, I attempted to turn these into a likeness of the golden snitch. Basically I used edible gold spray to color them, and I drew out a bunch of wings with some melted white chocolate.


However, the wings were very breakable, and didn’t make it onto the pops, as you can see above :(. It may have been because the chocolate was mixed with the oil. Next time I will use pure chocolate. Or maybe I should have frozen it. Regardless, it did not work as I had hoped – back to the drawing board.

I’m pretty happy with these cake pops – they tasted pretty good, and they looked way better than the last attempt!

We didn’t win any prizes in the competition, but there were sooooo many yummy treats! Here are some pictures of some of the entries.  From left to right there are Groot cupcakes (squee!!!), maple bourbon cupcakes (these were the overall winner), cute witch cupcakes, some butterbeer snitch cupcakes with successful wings, and some chocolate cupcakes with caramel sea salt icing.  Personally, I loved the butterbeer ones!



It’s super awesome to work at such a fun and geeky place 🙂  The Culture Club at the office has planned a fun-filled month of events – Cupcake Wars was just the beginning.  By the way, we are hiring!


2 comments for “Cake Pops v2.0 – Office Cupcake Wars

  1. October 9, 2014 at 9:57 am

    I loved your cake pops — they were delicious! And obviously loved the HP theme too…

    • October 9, 2014 at 10:06 am

      My Harry Potter theme-ing could have been better, but I’m glad the cake pops tasted good!


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