A Disney Dalliance


Regardless of how many times I go to Disney World, the gate to the happiest place on earth still elicits a squeal of delight and some car version of dancing.

My husband and I went down to Mickey’s house last weekend with some friends.  We had a fantastic time – it was way too short.  I did not do a great job taking pictures this trip, but I should have enough to give you a run down of all the fun.

We stayed on property at Coronado Springs.  My husband and I have stayed there once or twice before, and it is a nice Spanish themed resort.  I had completed online check-in prior to our arrival, and we pretty much walked up, tested our Magic Bands, and away we went. Random side note – the bands are one size fits all, with a tear away gray rubber strip that makes them smaller.  Neat feature for sure … my band would have been giant on my wrist if I hadn’t removed the extra part, but it was just perfect on the last small setting.  The downside would be that with smaller band size, you have fewer band holes to put the neat little band decorations that they sell at the parks.



They come 4 to a pack, and cost $10.  In my opinion this was completely worth it to buy a single pack and deck out both my band and my husband’s with Star Wars ones.  Yoda and my X-wing ones fit on my band, but just barely, whereas with the large band, Jesse would have been able to fit one or two more.

We managed to arrive on Friday with enough time to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.  Everyone in our party had done this at least once before, but it has been nearly 10 years since the last time Jesse and I went.  They close Magic Kingdom to those who did not pay for a party ticket at 7 pm, and it is only the Halloween guests until midnight.  They have trick or treat stations (and they give you a bag), a fun parade to watch, and lots of decorations, character meetups, and special treats and sweets.  Also, even though the party starts at 7 pm, if you have a ticket to the party only, they will let you into the park as early as 4 pm.  We arrived around 6.  Oh, and most importantly, costumes are encouraged!  So of course I went as Hades.  Here is a shot of me in costume closer to the end of the night.


It was fun to wear, I got a lot of compliments, and lots of people knew who I was.  My lights worked all night without the short turning them off, though I did lean against the button on a couple of rides and had to have Jesse turn the el wire back on again.  I opted for no gray cake makeup, and I was glad of that decision, even though it was made due to time limits.  I forgot bobby pins on the wig due to time, and that was less exciting to deal with.  Rollercoasters with an unsecured wig?  Not my best plan ever.  I was constnatly riding with one hand on the top of my head.  One semi-sad thing did happen – my skull pin broke.  On our way to the buses at the end of the night, the hot glued pin back just popped off the clay, and the skull shattered on the ground.  Oh well, I will make another.  Here are Jesse and I waiting for the Buzz Lightyear ride:


We did a lot of rides at Magic Kingdom that night, including the following:  Space Mountain, People Mover, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Astro Orbiter, Seven Dwarves Mine Train (we were riding this during the fireworks, which was pretty nifty), the new Ariel ride in Fantasyland (not sure on the name), Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribbean, and maybe one or two more.  We also trick or treated once or twice.  The candy givers were putting handfuls in each bag.  The most important thing, though, is this:


Not only did I beat Jesse at the Space Ranger Spin, I walloped him.  Therefore it needed to be documented.

Saturday we spent the morning in Hollywood Studios.  We stopped at a Fast Pass Plus kiosk to try to get our party’s stuff figured out … the phone app was only showing 3 out of 4 of us, so we couldn’t use it for Fast Passes effectively.  Until they make some fairly big changes to the app, I recommend going to a park kiosk (preferably one of the more out of the way ones) – the cast members are knowledgeable.  We had our Fast Passes lickity split.  We tromped our way to Muppet Vision 3D, which is one of Juliet’s favorite rides.


And of course, we needed some silly pictures in 3D glasses while we waited for the movie to begin.


After that, we hit up Star Tours, which I am pleased to say has changed since the last time I rode it.  It needed that pretty badly.  Though honestly, it could have been changed years ago, and I just haven’t been in that long.  Once we were done there, we hit up the Rockin Roller Coaster for our final ride of the morning.  Then it was time to head back to the hotel for siestas.

We headed to EPCOT that evening, and paused at the gates for a group photo.


Our stay at this park was short-lived as Jesse had forgotten some meds in the room and we had to return for those.  We pretty much only rode Test Track and had started around the World Showcase before we left.

We ventured back out that evening to the Magic Kingdom again, which had extra magic hours that night.  Upon our arrival at 9:30ish, the streets were PACKED, I guess due to fireworks?  We left that area quickly and wen to eat a late dinner, then started to do rides.  We rode just about everything from Friday again, but added in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a few times, and Jesse and I rode the Teacups together.  Here is a trippy picture during the spinning:


The park finally started emptying around midnight, but at 1 am we were still going strong!  Here we are waiting for Space Mountain.


And at 2 am, we were somehow still awake.


We got back to the room probably around 3:30 am and attempted to sleep.  Somehow my husband and I were awake again at 8 am.  We hit Animal Kingdom by around 9 am to do Kilimanjaro Safari (I was pleased that they dropped the poacher chase part of that ride), where we saw many happy giraffes.  And then we caught a relatively short line for Expedition Everest, which we had only ridden once before.  After that we left Animal Kingdom and headed to Disney Quest for the main part of the day.  We played some arcade games, a few music ones, did an alien invasion VR thing, rode magic carpets collecting gems, and ate lunch.  It was fun, but the place was not very crowded, which made some of the games a little less appealing (like bumper cars with cannons).  Regardless, these tickets were a perk of when we booked, so it was free to get in.

After that, we napped for a couple hours, and then met up with our friends for a trip to EPCOT.  We rode Spaceship Earth, and walked through the Food and Wine Festival at the World Showcase.  I think we also rode a boat in the Mexican pavilion.  Then we finished up the evening by watching Illuminations.  Here was my first dish at the festival, a beef stick with chimichurri sauce from Patagonia.


I enjoyed the food and wine festival a lot, tasted a bunch of yummy things.  Here is a Mongolian Beef pocket from China:


We also tasted some beef tips from South Africa, bratwurst and a pasta / cheese / ham dish from Germany.  Jesse had a scallop from Scotland.  Unfortunately, we were full by the time we were about halfway through the countries HAH.  It was still quite a nice way to end the weekend.

All of our feet were quite sore from all the walking.  Our most active day was Saturday, with nearly 28k steps.  So much aching, but definitely worth it.



There was a lot of construction at Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney.  I can’t wait to go back (there is a family vacation planned for late next year)!


2 comments for “A Disney Dalliance

  1. October 16, 2014 at 9:31 am

    1. The Hades costume looked awesome lit up at night!
    2. This made me really want to go back to Disney soon..
    3. The food looked good, was it the food / wine festival going on too? Or have they just improved the food offerings?
    4. WTG on the Toy Story ride!!

    • October 16, 2014 at 9:34 am

      Haha, thanks! I already want to go back, too LOL. It was the food and wine festival at EPCOT, yes. Pricey, but fun and yummy!


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