Nostalgia and New York

The crazy month of October marches on. After returning from Disney last Monday, I had three days of work before our plane left Thursday night for NY to visit my family for the weekend.

Friday we went out to an early dinner at a local place before driving in some pretty terrible traffic to NYC for the Broadway showing of Aladdin.


The show was really fantastic, and we had great seats in the center of the Mezzanine level (although the theater gave people less space per seat than airplanes do, felt so cramped!). I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast as well as the Lion King, and this show was on par with those two big hits. I spent a lot of the show gawking at the amazing costumes – so much sparkle, I wish I could have taken pictures to share here.  But you’ll have to settle for some that Google turned up.  Here is the Genie.


And here’s an interesting shot of Jasmine’s wedding wear.  Amazing stuff, it is no wonder the costume designer won some awards for this work!


One of my cousins, Christopher, got married on Saturday to Jacky from over at Itty Bitty City Kitchen. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!


The wedding was beautiful, and we got to spend a fun evening with the extended family. Here’s a shot of Jesse and I with my parents right before the reception opened up.


I didn’t take a ton of photos during the wedding, and just focused on enjoying myself and spending time with all the good company.  However, we did have a great time with the photo booth that was at the reception, as evidenced below.

PhotoBooth2 PhotoBooth1

Okay, switching gears!  During the short stay at my parents’ house, I spent some time in our basement spelunking through our old things. And though I ran out of time before I had even got close to finishing, I found some cool nostalgic stuff to share.


Like this view finder cartridge. From Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. There was sadly no view finder with it, but it brought back memories.

As a little girl, I loved no toys as much as I loved Care Bears and My Little Ponies. I haven’t unearthed any original ponies yet, but here are some attempted revival ones that happened somewhere in my years of high school.  So glad ponies are back now with the Friendship is Magic era!


And here are just a few of the Care Bears. I also found some cars and a Care A Lot playset.  I can still name most of these … Wish Bear, Cheer Bear, Sunshine Bear, Friendship Bear, Goodluck Bear, Grumpy Bear … I don’t remember the one with the cupcake or the ice cream sundae though … let me know if you do!  I think the lamb is Gentleheart and the skateboarding one is actually the bunny cousin, Swiftheart.  Oh and the racoon is Wiseheart!


And my sister had this DVD of my favorite Care Bear movie that she let me borrow so we can rip it from the DVD to our digital movie library.  The Care Bear cousins were always my favorite.


I also found a few video games that brought me back – Kings Quest and The Longest Journey.  Longest Journey wasn’t from THAT long ago, 10-12 years ish?  I don’t even know which King’s Quest this is, but I will be popping it into my laptop to try and find out haha.

And during high school was when I first became obsessed with Star Wars, so there were bins of things to go through on that. I found an old history paper that I had somehow managed to do on Star Wars. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite items from my Star Wars memorabilia.


Above is a tin of foil collector cards from the Empire Strikes Back.  Below, a neat watch and a framed stamp.




These neat things (and the bunches of other fun Star Wars things I found but didn’t want to bore you with) will likely be making their way to be displayed in the loft or my craft room.  I also found an old report I did on Star Wars during high school, and as part of that effort I had written a letter to George Lucas, and received a response from his secretary.  I was young and foolish, but it was pretty neat to see that forgotten letter with the Lucasfilm, Ltd logo on it.

I found a bunch of old drawings I did – all Disney of course.  Loved me some colored pencils back then.  I definitely don’t just draw very often anymore.


And guess what?  Remember when I found a bunch of random googley eyes while cleaning the craft room?  Apparently my mother hoards them in her basement as well.  Bet they don’t cost $.49 anymore …


It was a great weekend, and I hope you enjoyed this little nostalgic trip down memory lane with me.  What were some of the things you grew up with that you remember fondly?


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