My Faire Lady … And Gentleman

This weekend wrapped up the traveling portion of October (4 straight weekends). I went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival up in Charlotte with my husband, his sister and her boyfriend, and his parents. You’ll remember I was working on making Debbie and Wendell costumes for the event as birthday presents.  Here I am at the entrance to the faire, near a sign that said Eat, Drink, & Be Merry (except in ye olde language).  And let’s face it, the word drink was more important than the word eat, so we cut it out of the shot.


Anyway, I digress.  Here are the final costumes!


Wish I’d had time to make Wendell a hat, but have I mentioned that October was crazy?  Both costumes wound up with heavy modifications, which I’ll talk about later this week. But my in-laws looked very dashing, don’t you think? 🙂

I wore my Elizabeth costume, since I did not get to wear it at DragonCon. It was Halloween day at the fair, so any costumes were welcomed, not just Renaissance ones 🙂



It was interesting to see how this fair differed from the Georgia one. It had some of the same acts, lots of the same vendors and specialists, and mostly the same food. The parking was further away and the grounds seemed larger and more of a narrow snakey walk as opposed to more open space. There were lots of trees and shade which was nice, and the weather was beautiful. Here’s a shot of Debbie and Wendell with Amanda and Nick.


We watched the jousting skills show, which was neat. Amanda and Nick paid to do one of the carnival style games – knife throwing.


Nick even won a plastic spider! Best prize ever.


Then I noticed that they had camel rides. Squeeeee! So I rode a camel. In a costume. With a random and cute little girl named Naomi. It was fun, definitely one of my favorite parts of the day.


We continued walking among the vendors, and stopped to watch a blacksmith forge something during his demo. That was neat, but sadly I didn’t take any pictures.

This fair had more musicians and dancers performing and tiny stages around the area. That was neat, I loved stopping to hear the little bit of music and watch a dance here or there. These dancers had beautiful costumes, and I was amazed at their skills.


As normally happens at Ren Fairs, we ate a lot of food. I vowed no chicken on a stick since that was just chicken fingers last time. We had steak on a stick and a turkey leg.  Here I am chowing down on the turkey.


The turkey was better here, but the steak could have used more seasoning. And we had a broccoli and cheese bread bowl.  All in all, I might be getting a little disillusioned with Ren faire food… Sad.


We had a great day, and I loved seeing Debbie and Wendell all dressed up together :). As we walked out, the guy from the fair who was trying to get people to rent costumes pointed to them and said, “These people are doing it right!”



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