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Happy Halloween everyone! Sometime today, y’all should hop on over to The Fabric Alchemist! Meris invited me to do a guest post over there today – it’s focused on some of the cosplay musings I’ve been pondering since DragonCon. While you are over there, make sure you check out some of the cool stuff Meris has been working on lately – I’m especially a fan of her recent Leliana cosplay she did for PAX Prime. And if you are lucky enough to be in the Pacific Northwest, she’s doing some workshops next month!

Since it’s Halloween AND Friday, Penny and I are at the office in costume. As of the moment I am writing this, I still have not selected which costume I am wearing, but I made Penny’s this week.

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

I drafted the pattern myself, and had all these delusions of grandeur regarding how I was going to use wire to hold up wings and the dragon head. I did a bunch of measurements on Penny first, and used an existing doggy shirt as a guide.  Here is the pattern I created – two pieces.  The sequence below shows a lot of the work in progress.


I used felt for the eyes and more crushed panne velvet, this time in dark purple, for the body of the dragon. The head part of the dragon was essentially turned into a pocket to house some wire, and the wing pieces were done similarly.

It was a quick sewing project, and here is the outcome.


Super cute, right?  (Even if you can see wires popping through on one wing…)

But it was very uncomfortable for her – she was walking all weird and funny.  And looking at me with this face.


So I took out the wire pieces and just made it fabric. Not quite as impressive, but still fun. Maybe next year I’ll give this a Version 2.0, where I bend the wire into a single piece instead of multiple connecting ones.  Here is what the costume looks like now, without the wires.


The droopy wings are a bit anticlimactic after seeing how she looked with that majestic wingspan of 10 min earlier.  It was my first dog costuming experiment, and I deem it successful, even if it wasn’t perfect.  😉  Enjoy your Halloween!



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