Finally a Serger!

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a serger!  On Cyber Monday, Amazon had the Brother 1034D Serger on sale for a good price, and my husband spotted it.  Two days later, it arrived on my doorstep!

I was considering this serger versus a slightly more pricey Brother model, and the price cut made my decision for me.  I’m pretty happy with my decision.

Here is the machine sitting in its spot on my sewing table, right next to its brother (hahaha, oh sewing puns …).  Apparently it has suction cups on the bottom of it which hold it down while sewing.



If you are new to serging, like me, these machines use 4 different spools of thread at once to do some fancy overlocking stitches.  You can adjust the feed dogs to move at different speeds, which allows knit fabrics to be sewn without the infamous wavy seam syndrome, or the tissue paper trick.  This serger came pre-threaded with four different colored spools that correspond to the four different color-coded threading paths.  I was terrified to do it, but I decided the first order of business was to unthread it and hope I’d be able to re-thread it.


The front of the serger opens like this to aid in threading.  I may or may not have had a hard cider while I was reading the manual and attempting to thread this machine.  Ultimately, I managed to successfully rethread the machine on my first try!

The Human Factors Engineer in me was rejoicing because of how very good the instructions for threading that are ON the machine are done.  The book is done okay too, but I feel like after doing this once or twice, I will not need to break out the manual unless I have a problem.  In addition to the nice color coding for each spool of thread, colored lines were used to indicate which loops different threads were supposed to go through.



I consider this to be the ultimate threading experience.  I will from now on, compare all threading I ever have to do to the process on this machine.  I’m probably over-selling it (I swear I’m not on Brother’s payroll!), but the makers of this machine had to have a user experience designer or human factors engineer on their team.  They did all the things right.  Way to go, Brother!


Above is my first practiced serging with knit fabric. Hooray for no wavy seams!  The peasants rejoice!

And my next favorite feature … the cutting knife.  I am dreading the day that I need to replace the knife, but until then, it is my new best friend!  Here I am serging a seam on some pajama pants I had pre-cut.  Behold the glory of the cutting knife!



So far I am very happy with my purchase.  I used this machine to aid in my construction of some ugly Christmas sweaters, which we wore to a party last weekend.  I’ll tell you all about those on Thursday!  Toodles!


2 comments for “Finally a Serger!

  1. December 15, 2014 at 10:55 am

    I REALLY want one. I think that I’d get a lot of use out of it since I like knits so much. I’m glad it wasn’t as scary as I imagined. I’ll get one someday!

    • December 15, 2014 at 5:27 pm

      You can come use mine to see how you like it!


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