2015 Costume Planning

Happy 2015!  During the last two months of the year while I was doing much less crafting, sewing, and blogging, my mind did it’s usual recharge-and-toss-ideas around thing.  So I have already got quite a few things planned for this year!

I’m planning to attend both Megacon and DragonCon in 2015, so two major conventions at which I will cosplay.  Megacon was moved into April this year, so in this first 3.5 months, I’m going to be attempting to make two costumes.

1.  Fluttershy (with Victorian influences)

I thought out this costume last year (along with costumes for all the main MLPFIM characters), and then wound up making the Rainbow Dash costume first.  It was such a good experience that I decided I’ll make the Fluttershy one a reality this time.  I scored some cheap patterns that will help with the ruffled skirt part and some gloves and a top hat.  I already have the fabric for the waist cincher (and the pattern I made last year).  I am still trying to find the right fabric for the skirt / dress however … I want something light, like a linen or a seersucker.  But I’m also toying with the idea of a different yellow print for each tier of the skirt.  Thinking knee high socks and some mary jane shoes, but haven’t found that perfect pair yet in either a pink or a yellow.  I see the Steampunk / Victorian influence in this costume, but hesitate to call it that.


2.  Liono from Thundercats

This would be a gender bent version, as Liono is a male character.  For those who aren’t familiar, it’s called crossplay when you dress as a character of the opposite sex, and gender bending when you take a character of the opposite sex and make changes to suit the gender you want to cosplay (similar to what I did with Hades).  I loved Thundercats growing up, so I would be modifying the standard Liono leotard look into something a little more feminine, maybe adding a bit of a skirt.  I have designs on making the sword of omens as well, and a glove.  I sure hope I can find some prescription cat eye contacts, and the wig styling should be pretty fun for this, though I can’t decide if I should keep it kind of feminine or try to style the wig a bit like Liono.  Challenges includes spandex, lycra, and being okay showing some stomach.  Yikes!  I am hoping to use foam for the glove, and I received a dremel as a Christmas gift, so it should be neat to play with that a bit.


I have a list of other potential costumes for the year, some more set in stone than others:

1.  Disco Mario Party – planned for DragonCon 2015, a group cosplay.  I’ll be Princess Peach, husband has agreed to be Luigi, and a friend has agreed to be Mario.  The 70s, shiny overall jumpsuits (fireball versions so they can each wear red and green rather than blue overalls, with white shirts), and I’m doing my best to find a light pink paisley fabric for the base of my dress.  Oh, and there will be some bobomb props… Below are some general ideas I am toying around with.


2.  Darkwing Duck – A favorite from the Disney afternoon cartoons while I was growing up.  And I’ve seen a couple of really cute takes on this, like the one below.

DarkwingThat coat looks suspiciously like a modification to Simplicity 2172.  I wouldn’t be heartbroken to make this again …

3.  Disney Princess (Transformation Elsa?  Belle?)

Like so much of the world, I also love the movie Frozen.  I’m actually more of a fan of Anna than I am of Elsa, but I do enjoy the transformation “Let it Go” scene.  If I do an Elsa cosplay, it will be during that transformation rather than in the icy ballgown everybody makes.

However, you all know I’m not very fond of making super popular cosplay characters.  So Elsa might be too popular for me right now.  I’ve always identified most with Belle as a Disney Princess, maybe it’s the introverted book reading … I’d like to come up with a unique take on her blue and white town dress.  Maybe a vintage bombshell version?  Perhaps done in shades of gray as if the movie were in black and white?  What do you think?


4.  Doctor Who something – TARDIS?

Been into Doctor Who lately, but not sure what I would enjoy cosplaying from it.  Maybe the TARDIS?  I’ve seen a few cute takes, steampunk / Victorian style.  Also, I love this girl’s bobbie socks & poodle skirt version, complete with K-9.  Squee!


5.  Once Upon a Time – Regina?  Snow?

I have a thing for Regina’s long coats and elaborate dresses.  I also have a pattern for one of them, and for Snow’s white outfit.  I’m just not sure I’ve found THE Once Upon a Time costume that I just have to do yet.  If I had to pick a favorite, I think I like this blue gown of Regina’s.  I would hate making that collar …


6.  Erza – Lightning Armor?

I have yet to do a cosplay from an anime.  I enjoy anime, but I suspect I will never be REALLY SUPER into it.  Regardless, Fairy Tail is one of the recent ones I have enjoyed, and particularly Erza’s character and fantastic armor costumes.  I’ve seen a couple of amazing cosplays of her fancier armors, but if I were to cosplay her, I think I would go with her Lightning Armor.  It would be a good opportunity to work with thermoplastics again, but have to tie the pieces into sewing a bit more.


Well that is the end of my costume planning musings for the moment.  As you know, I will wind up making a few of these, and others will just get left on my list-of-things-I-might-like-to-actually-make-someday.  Any cosplays you’d like to see me add to my list?  Any votes for ones in this list I should do?  Let me know!


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