Fluttershy: The Ruffle Skirt Begins

So far, I have not completed very much for my Fluttershy costume.  The choker is the only thing I have made that is done.  But over the weekend, I did finally get started sewing something!  Which is good because I am quite tired of cutting fabric for a while.  I found that after cutting out the skirt and gloves, I should have plenty of the pretty yellow flowery knit fabric to use it for the top of the costume too – glad I don’t have to buy any more fabric.

I feel like this project involved a lot of gathering of materials.  But now I feel ready to rock and roll – I can get started on the gloves, the hat, the skirt, the waist cincher … really anything but the top.  Oh and I haven’t started the process for my Angel bunny prop, though I did decide she is going to be the sneaky way for me to carry my phone and IDs/moneys, etc.


One of the tables in my craft room is collecting all the stuff for this costume – my corset pieces, the trims and butterfly accessories I plan to use, the hat decorations, the underskirt fabric, the bias tape.  I will also need most of the items on this table below – I bought my lacy yellow parasol, and some things to accessorize it with, but I am debating how I want to go about it, since the parasol has to sit closed from time to time.  Do I put the butterflies on fishing wire and dangle them from the parasol?  I like the idea, but then I risk tangling the fishing wire while the parasol is closed.  I could glue the butterflies onto the bottom edge, but feel like it might get crowded when closed.  I have headbands and Sculpey clay leftover from Rainbow Dash, so I’ll make my own ears again.  I also have leftover corset supplies, but I will need to order some caps for the spiral steel.


The Transformers fabric is not for this project, but my husband will be getting a nice fun pair of geeky pajama pants once I get around to cutting them.

Anyway, onto the skirt.  I’m using McCall’s 6999 as the base pattern for this, though I might modify it some.



It was easy enough to get started on the skirt by stitching the center back pieces together, and then attaching the back of the skirt to the front at the side seams.  But after that, the meat of the work begins.  There are five ruffles on this skirt.  I had to cut three pieces of fabric for each ruffle, and the pattern has you start with the bottom one.  So I stitched the three ruffle pieces together at the sides.  To give you some idea of how long the unruffled ruffle was, I took this photo, with my foot in it for scale.



Kind of ridiculous, no?  The pattern wants you to narrow hem the ruffle edge at this point, but I decided I wanted to put some periwinkle bias tape on the edges to tie in some of that accent color. I’m sure it will ultimately look very nice, but let me tell you about how much I am regretting this decision in a single word: PINNING.  so.  much.  pinning.  And in case you were wondering exactly how much bias tape I used on this ginormous ruffle?  An entire package.  Minus maybe 6 inches or so.  I might wind up needing to buy more O.o

IMG_0747After all the horrible pinning was done, I stitched the bias tape on.  I love how pretty this fabric is, and how nice it coordinates with the periwinkle color.



Next up, gathering.  I learned back in December while making ugly Christmas sweaters exactly how amazing it is to have a serger when you want to gather stuff.  So I set my two needle threads of my serger to a tension of 5, and left the other threads at 4, and did a quick test strip of the fabric through the machine.  So awesome!  Then I gathered the real ruffle.  The pattern instructions informed me that I was only supposed to gather in between the seams of the ruffle, but I think that maters more when you are trying to gather by hand.  I ignored those instructions.  I wasn’t convinced that my machine was gathering the fabric up enough, so I increased the tension even more on the left threads, up to 6.  Here is what the ruffle looked like after the gathering.


Probably gathered a bit too much, but the beauty of gathering this way is that it is pretty easy to loosen the gathers as well.  Which I had to do for the next step, pinning it onto the skirt base.


And that is about where I am at this point.  With four more ruffles to go.  I haven’t decided how I am going to do the waistband of this skirt.  It has a facing and a zipper in the pattern but with this sheer fabric, I do not want to put interfacing on the facing pieces, since it will turn the background of the fabric white.  I might wind up forgoing the zipper, and just throwing on an elastic waistband, since it will be under the corset anyway.

So excited for this one to come together!  I can’t work fast enough for the imaginings in my brain 🙂  More on this project soon!


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