Fluttershy: Skirt Complete

After about 12 hours of work (according to the tracking I am doing with my Cosplanner app), I can finally say I am finished with the skirt for Fluttershy!  Sadly, that 12 hours stretches across more than a week since I have a day job that is super busy right now, and I am not all about giving up my sleep when I still have about 70ish days until the con.

Here is the skirt in all of its ruffle-y glory!  The pink sheer fabric is not quite the way I imagined it working in my costume design a year ago, but honestly, I only bought a yard of fabric, and wouldn’t have had enough to bring it around the front of the skirt more.



I’m contemplating adding some small pink butterflies to the pink train piece, but we’ll see what I decide.  Right now the butterflies are for the parasol, so it depends on what I have left.  I like how the bias tape turned out on the edges of the ruffles, and it seems like with multiple layers, the sheer nature of the yellow fabric won’t matter much.

I did decide to modify the closure on the skirt (which started with pattern McCall’s 6999).  The skirt was too big initially, and once I started attaching ruffles, I knew it would be hard to take in.  So rather than deal with that, I eliminated the front and back yoke and lengthened the waistband to attach to the skirt as at the top.  Then I attached the sheer pink train, and turned over the waistband to make a casing for the elastic.  With elastic, the slight bit of extra fabric that made the skirt too big was easily fixed and just added more gathering.

FullSizeRender (4)

Above I placed three butterflies I am going to use for Fluttershy’s cutie mark – I have hot glued pin backs to the back of the butterflies..  Their bodies are not periwinkle … but I think I can get over that part.  Let me know if you have ideas on how to make them periwinkle.

Next up in terms of sewing are a couple of accessories – gloves and hat.  Then I need to figure out what I am doing for the top of this costume.  I also have the waist cincher to do, but I am procrastinating on starting that.  Heck, I might even get to patterning and sewing my Angel prop before I do the waist cincher – that is how much I hate grommets … Cheers till next time!


2 comments for “Fluttershy: Skirt Complete

  1. Jill
    January 26, 2015 at 11:58 am

    My first thought on the butterfly issue was to dye them like you do Easter eggs – vinegar and a few drops of blue food coloring dripped onto the parts you want to be periwinkle, let dry and repeat until it’s the shade you want. ???

    • January 26, 2015 at 12:34 pm

      Interesting idea – i dont have extras so would be very paranoid about the bleeding possibilities. I was thinking this morning that fabric paint might work too.


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