Murder Mystery Night, Part 2: The Grand Gatsby Speakeasy


The cast of characters at The Grand Gatsby Speakeasy! (Photo by SKmakesthings)

Yesterday, you heard about my last minute, super quick flapper dress project.  Well, it was all in preparation for this!

Our hosts, Juliet and Steve, had the place decorated to the nines!  Balloons, tons of delicious food, ambiance music … it was all very well themed to the 1920s!

One of our friends, Sean, is a awesome photographer (and make-up effects guy!) and brought his camera to take some photos of the event.  The group shot above is one he took, as are the couples shots below.  Check out more of his work here.

On to the cast of characters!


Hal Sapone, South Side crime boss, (Sean) and Zetta Zarbo (Tiffany), Silent Film Star (photo by SKmakesthings)


Beanie O’Dannon (Jamie), North Side Crime Boss, and Mona Crawfish (Sally), marathon dance champion. (photo by SKmakesthings)


‘Handsome’ Sam McWarthy, right hand man to Beanie, and Jazzy Fringe, flapper and night club singer. (photo by SKmakesthings)


Tommy ‘Four Guns’ Beagle (Jesse), right hand man to Hal, and Haddie Drinx (Jen), speakeasy waitress. (photo by SKmakesthings)

We also had a couple of other characters in play who didn’t want pictures – a reporter named Wyleen and another speakeasy performer Kara Low.

The murder mystery took place over three rounds – appetizers, dinner, and dessert.  Each round, our hosts handed out an envelope to each player with clues.  We all also got a notepad to take notes on and a sheet to make our guesses on (when the time came to do so).  Here was my first round packet.

FullSizeRender (2)

Everyone took a little time to read their stuff each round.  There was always some information that you were supposed to give out to other players, and sometimes there was information you were supposed to know but hide from others.  A very important rule surrounding the event (which I admittedly forgot, possibly due to drinks …) is that if someone asks you a direct question about information you have, you cannot lie to them (Sorry, Mona … I realize now I failed at that hah).  And then the point is pretty much to mingle with the other people and give out your information appropriately.  Here are some readers at the beginning of a round.


The murder occurred during round two, and the victim was not allowed to talk at all for the rest of the game.  This round people had clues to give out before the murder happened as well as post-murder clues.  We had some very funny and interesting group discussion about the murder scene – who was standing where, who could reach the light switch, etc.


And then in round three, we all had to make our final guess on who the murderer was and what their motive and means were (although the means were told to us – knife in the back!).  Once our guesses were all handed in to the victim, and that person read them allowed for us.  Then we each had a blurb to read aloud in a very set order.  In the end, we all found out who did it – and only one of the group guessed correctly, so that was pretty neat!

It was a very fun evening!  I am a terrible actress, and while alcohol helped with my nerves, it certainly did not make me any better at acting.  For a while, I thought I might even be the murderer – the kit / story seemed to do a very good job giving everyone some reason to potentially kill one of the other characters.

One final group shot, this time taken with my much-poorer-than-Sean’s camera skillz.



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  1. October 10, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Hey, we love your blog post, but have had complaints from current hosts about all the spoilers included in your post. Can you please remove all spoilers to the game including victim, weapon, murderer?
    Thank you.

    • December 12, 2017 at 9:09 am

      Sorry about that. I think I have fixed the spoilers.


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