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Since I have taken so very long on the Fluttershy corset, I’ve decided that once it is posted, to also add a tutorial post on how to make a corset.  So look forward to both of those coming … eventually.  Should I mention that the corset tutorial post has been sitting in draft mode for almost a year?

Anyway, today’s post is about a very quick prop I made over last weekend.  Fluttershy has tons of animal friends on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I would say her main animal friend is a cute little bunny named Angel.  Angel is to Fluttershy as Gummy is to Pinkie Pie.  Truthfully, I like Gummy better as a companion – the idea of an alligator with no teeth amuses me – but Angel was on the docket for this costume.  Here is a reference shot.


I have never had reason to make a stuffed animal before (though I think I considered it briefly with Pain and Panic for my Hades costume).  But some of my sewing buddies have done it, and theoretically it didn’t seem hard.  I bought a bag of stuffing and a remnant of plain white fleece fabric.  Then I came home and began patterning out the bunny.


One of the things I was trying to do with the body for the bunny is to make it large enough to have a pocket for my cards, money, and cell phone while I am wearing the costume at the convention. It’s a silly logistical thing that I am always trying to do when building my cosplays, and I can’t think of a good place on the costume for a pocket.  So I thought, why not on Angel?  As you can tell in the pattern above, I drew the body too small the first time, since I have an iPhone 6+.  Here is one body piece with my pocket stitched on.


Lots of the initial steps of this build were easy.  For each ear, paw, and leg, I just stitched together the pieces, leaving the side that would attach to the main body of the bunny open.  Then I turned them inside out and filled them with stuffing until I was happy with each piece’s “stuffedness”.  When the time was appropriate, I placed appendages in between either the body or the head layers of the bunny.  Below is a shot of me attaching bunny ears to a bunny head.



Some of the connections were weirder than others.  For instance, I cut slots in the front of the bunny body to insert the front paws and stitch those down.  Here is a shot of the arms placement prior to my stitching.



The legs were toughest because I actually curved my pattern the opposite way than I should have at the connection point.  When I went to lay a bunny leg so that it would be on the outside of the bunny rather than inside with the stuffing, I realized this.  So I stitched the body and left space for the bunny legs, then attached them on the right side.  Not the prettiest seems ever but good enough.


At this point, Angel was in two pieces.  It was a bit creepy.  Especially since he had no eyes yet.


This bunny-making process was fraught with squishing of bulky fabric blobs underneath the presser foot in many different ways, kind of similar to my recent hat escapades.  In fact, when I went to attach Angel’s body to his head, a very momentous thing happened.  It shall henceforth be known as “That Time I Actually Decided to Hand Sew Something Purposefully Only to Change my Mind Thirty Seconds After I Started”.  Listen, with my hatred of hand stitching, such an event is definitely progress.  Maybe next time I will actually do it.

This time?


Totally shoved a very uncomfortable looking bunny into my sewing machine.

When I had him all pieced together, I drew on his eyes with a Sharpie fabric marker I have had a set of in my craft room for a while now.  And then I tied a scarf around his neck because there wasn’t enough differentiation between his body and his head … I blame my phone size modifications!

All said and done, the bunny turned out pretty well.  Truthfully, it bugs me a bit that I was unable to make Angel look like he does in the cartoon – I love the cute my-head-is-twice-the-size-of-the-rest-of-me look.  Making Angel was so quick, that maybe I’ll get done and decide to try again with a slightly different pattern (and no phone pocket).  But here he is, complete:


You might have noticed Angel has no tail. It didnt seem practical with the phone pocket, so I left it off. Would be easy to add to the back panel of the body the way the arms were added if you think your Angel should have a tail instead of a phone pocket (Priorities, people!).

Anyway, he should fit nicely with my Fluttershy costume, even if he’s a bit larger than I wanted at the start.  Sewing stuffed animals (and patterning them) doesn’t seem to be a big deal at all!  Maybe I should do more of it 🙂




4 comments for “Fluttershy: Angel Prop

  1. February 19, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Very cute bunny 🙂 Though the poor dear looked like it went through hell shoved under that sewing machine like some evil torture technique!

    • February 19, 2015 at 9:44 am

      Haha, so true … I will have to work on my “beside manner” (Sewing table manner??) with future stuffed critters.

  2. February 19, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Very cute!

    • February 19, 2015 at 10:39 am

      If a little bit wonky … it adds character!


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