Firefly Outfit: A Light Browncoat and Leggings

I have to thank Amanda H. for giving me the idea for this Firefly themed outfit – thanks, Amanda!  She bought some cute fabric for a project of hers that was Firefly themed, which made me think, “Oooh, that’s a geeky fandom I don’t have an outfit for yet!”  I kind of wish it had occured to me during my Spacey Summer Sewing Series last May, but I feel like that was a full month anyway, so I might not have had time.

Anyway, I ordered some fabulous fabric in the Modern Jersey type from Spoonflower.  I had wanted to order this fabric type from them for a long time, but they were always out of it.  I’m glad it finally worked out because it is by far my favorite for making leggings!

As an FYI, I ordered three yards of this stuff to make leggings with, and I believe that is actually enough to make two pairs (because it is 58-60″ wide) – so keep that in mind if you order for a similar purpose.

I used the legging pattern I drafted (using this tutorial) last year for this, cut it out quickly and zipped it through my serger.  This is my first leggings project since my serger, and once again, I cannot stress the awesome enough.  I decided to do my elastic waistband a little differently, and used these instructions so the waistband wouldn’t roll at all.  It was tough to sew; I had to stretch the elastic with both hands as it was smaller by a good bit than the circumference of the pant waist.

After that I hemmed the bottoms and I was done!  Super quick and easy.

For the rest of my outfit, I decided during last Friday night’s cutting extravaganza that I would do a modified version of my Steampunk coat, which used Simplicity 2172 as a base.  And I used some stash suede fabric that I have had for a couple years now to do it.  My modifications were no sleeves, no ruffles, and no lining.  And I shortened the coat length.  It was quite satisfying to finish this project so quickly (a couple hours) since I know how long it took me back in 2012 when I made my first one.  That coat is still one of my favorite garments I’ve made, but I don’t wear it often.  Which is why I decided to make another!  I plan to call it my Light Browncoat… get it? 😉

Anyway, here is my finished outfit!

I grabbed a long black tunic from my closet to wear underneath.  I know typically black and brown don’t go together but the legging fabric has all the colors, including black so I felt justified in my choice of tunic and boots.

I like the shortened version of the coat, but the suede is heavy and not easy to get the seams to iron down well.

Anyway this was a fun and quick project, and a good rejuvenating one in between costumes.  What projects are y’all working on these days?


2 comments for “Firefly Outfit: A Light Browncoat and Leggings

  1. Meghan
    July 1, 2015 at 2:19 am

    I am using the same coat pattern and want to shorten it as well….how did you do it?

    • July 1, 2015 at 6:03 am

      Pretty much just folded the pattern pieces up from the bottom and cut where I liked the length. Better to cut a little longer and still be able to shorten it more if you need to.


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