Liono Pattern Drafting

In between Fluttershy and Liono I have wanted to sew everything except Liono … I had a weekend near the end of February where I cut lots, stitched lots, and then decided I better get going on drafting a pattern for Liono.  It’s a good thing Megacon is a whole month later this year!

Liono will be my first time drafting and sewing spandex – eeeeek!  So I read up a bit – this tutorial, and the tutorials by The Geeky Seamstress were most helpful.

I’ve had a slightly modified design in my head for my gender bent version of Liono.



The most complicated thing about it will be dealing with the spandex – the design itself is not bad.

Before I started drafting, I measured the stretch on my spandex fabric.  I measured 10″ of the fabric without stretching …

…and then measured how far I could comfortably pull it.

It *can* stretch about 50%, but i’m more comfortable with the idea of about 30-35% stretch, so that is what I used.

Next I took some measurements.  In case, you are curious, this is typically my measurement process: (1) make a list of somewhat sensical descriptions of what you are measuring, (2) then measure, and (3) write down your numbers.  I always add an inch to my measurements for seam allowances on each side, but since this was spandex, and I would be reducing anyway, I didn’t bother.

I decided I would draw out all of my pattern pieces as if they were a normal woven fabric, and once I had those drawn, I would adjust the size based on my stretch percentage.

I only reduced on the width line, figuring I could adjust around the seams the other direction.  I have read to be wary about how spandex needs to stretch when you move or bend over as well, so that is why I am being more cautious in the vertical direction.

Here are my final pattern pieces:

I did not reduce the skirt waist out of paranoia that it would hang funny if stretched at the top … But I’m probably gonna have to reduce it to connect it to the belt.

There is one piece missing, the belt symbol piece, which I intend to make out of foam or worbla, with the vinyl I cut out in my silhouette!

That’s it for now – more once I cut fabric and get started on my sewing.


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