Prelude to MegaCon 2015

MegaCon 2015 is in just a few days!  I’m so excited!  My husband is coming this time, as well as my mother-in-law, who came with me last year, and my dad – for whom this will be his first convention!  They’ve moved the con to the other building of the Orange County Convention Center, and we managed to land rooms in the Hyatt hotel that is connected to the center via skybridge.

I have decided to bring 3 cosplays with me – Fluttershy, Hades, and Rainbow Dash.  I had a great time cosplaying Rainbow Dash at MegaCon last year, so I am taking that costume with me so that I have it as an option.  Admittedly, I am afraid that Fluttershy may not generate as much attention.

I recent purchased a new wig for my Rainbow Dash costume, as the old one which I bought from Amazon is a bit too small for my head and therefore super annoying to wear.  I bought the new wig from Yaya Han’s new line of My Little Pony wigs, and then spent a large portion of Friday night styling the new wig into pony mane spikes.  I also recently discovered that all my contacts from last year have dried out, so Rainbow Dash will not have purple eyes this time.  Here is what my new wig looks like all styled and ready to wear.


In addition to styling the wig, I spent some time combing through my Hades wig.  It was quite tangled from all the rides we rode back in October at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  But nothing my wig brush couldn’t fix.  I decided I might try styling the wig pulled back slightly on one side with a clip this time, so I also sculpted and glued a skull pin to wear in my hair.  I bought some new airbrush paints – alcohol based this time, in hopes that I don’t sweat it off.  I tested it yesterday – seems resistant to water, as rubbing my finger over it with water didn’t result in any smudging or removal.  I read that it is actually hard to remove this paint though, so I tested two different removal methods: Baby Oil and Rubbing Alcohol.

IMG_1538The baby oil works, but requires a significant amount of scrubbing with a towel or cloth to remove it.  I feel like it will take a long time to remove this way, and possibly leave my skin red and irritated from all the friction.  You can see my arm is a bit pink after just the 5 min of scrubbing I did to remove the test paint here.



I tested the rubbing alcohol as well, and it removed the paint in a single swipe of the cloth.  It seems like the faster method for sure.  I’m a little nervous about using either of these methods around my face, particularly my eyes.

Speaking of eyes, in addition to new paint and a new hairstyle, my Hades costume is getting some new contacts – yellow ones, from Vision Direct, that supposedly cover light eyes well per the reviews.  This is my first time ordering from this site because they actually require you to prove that you have a prescription to purchase.  So you enter your eye doctor’s name and phone number and they call for you I guess.

Last change to Hades is that I will not be taking my Sculpey version of Pain with me.  He lost a tail and a foot at DragonCon last year, and it was honestly annoying to carry both him and Panic the whole time.  I like Panic better anyway, so I’m just going to drag him with me.

Fluttershy will be having her first cosplay run.  I have no real changes on that costume since the trial.  I do need to settle on a few poses for her, I had at least one that I liked, but I want a second option.

I have to say I have been watching MegaCon’s iPhone app, but the programming I have seen so far pales in comparison to DragonCon’s.  I will set my goal as seeing at least one panel while I am there.  Otherwise I am mainly interested in the Dealer Hall and looking at other cosplays.  Here are the panels I thought were interesting enough to flag in the app, but I am certain I won’t go to more than 2 or 3:


Below is my current MegaCon wish list for non-panel things:

1)  Group Photo with Firefly actors Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and Summer Glau – my dad and I are doing this on Saturday.  I am currently agonizing over whether or not I should wear a costume for the photo or make a trip back to the room after to suit up.

2)  Visit Karen Hallion’s booth and take a picture with her, hopefully buy some nifty art

3)  Visit Charles Thurston’s booth

4)  Visit the Paper Pony booth

5)  Visit Yaya Han’s booth – I’m hoping she might be in her Rarity costume for a photo with one of my pony cosplays.

6)  Watch the costume contest

By the way, I intend to do some live streaming from the convention this Friday and Saturday.  If you are interested in viewing this live stream, you’ll need to download the app and follow me, Tyraenna.


I’ll be doing other streaming more frequently, especially during future game nights.  Once you are signed up in the app, you’ll get notifications when I start streaming.  Have a great week, and I’ll see you when I return from the con!


2 comments for “Prelude to MegaCon 2015

  1. April 6, 2015 at 9:47 am

    I love the Hades costume.. excited it’s coming out again!

    • April 6, 2015 at 9:51 am

      Thanks! I am excited for the new contacts on that one 🙂


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