MegaCon 2015 Cosplay Photos: Part 2

Today I’ll continue sharing photos from MegaCon 2015!  Yesterday I posted my personal 15 Favorites, and today I’ll share some more!

Before I get started though, I always like to talk about some of the most popular cosplays at each convention.  I did this from DragonCon last year, and it seems right to continue as a way to keep track of trends if nothing else 🙂

Most Popular Cosplay Characters at MegaCon 2015

1. Harley Quinn – I feel like this Suicide Squad member is always on the most popular lists for conventions.  This year there was a definite abundance of giant hammers for her to carry.  Here’s the only Harley we captured on the left below.


2. Deadpool – This character allows so much creativity in construction and portrayal that there are always a bunch of folks with some version of him.  At MegaCon there was a Deadpool wave running around that rode the escalator up while I rode the escalator down, high fiving everyone along the way.  Here are a few Deadpools … the one on the right may even be a Harley Quinn Deadpool mashup!


3. Elsa and Anna – The current Frozen craze meant there were lots of Arendelle princesses running around.  There were still more Elsa than Anna.


But this one was my favorite – Prince (King?) Elsa!


4. Attack on Titan – I haven’t watched this anime yet because we could only find it with subtitles, which my husband hates watching because they distract him from watching the anime.  But the outfits were recognizable and there were a ton of them.  I don’t actually have any pictures of anyone in it though.

5. Fluttershy – I actually felt like I saw more Fluttershy than any other pony this year!  This was odd because last year I felt like all I saw was Rainbow Dash.  Maybe it has something to do with wearing the cosplay myself … Regardless, here was my favorite other Fluttershy we saw.


6. Ghostbusters – I saw quite a few of these guys running around with their proton packs.

7. Maleficent – Thanks to the movie from last year, this villain is popular in both her original black outfit form and her new fairy form.  Here she is with a Daenerys from Game of Thrones.


8. Ariel – There were tons of Ariels around, but especially the Ariel when she was just turned human and is wearing a sail-turned-dress.  No pictures of that one despite its popularity, but here is a cute Ariel with her Eric.


9. Joker – Tons of Batman characters all around, but Harley and Joker were most popular by far.  In fact, I had a Joker kneel on the ground Pain & Panic style and worship me while I was wearing Lady Hades, shouting “We’re not worthy!”  That was an experience I never expected to have LOL. Anyway, here is a joker on stilts!

10. Queen of Hearts – I saw at least five of these, but the best one (and the only one I took a photo of) was this lady, who we saw in our hotel lobby on the way to our rooms! 


That’s it for most popular.  I feel like there were definitely fewer Lady Loki cosplays this year, so maybe that trend is decreasing.

Now there are just some things I HAVE to show you all because they were so cool.  Like this Balloon Griffon!


I don’t want to think about how long it took someone(s) to make this, but it is amazing.  We later saw it walking down International Drive on our way to dinner which was quite amusing.

I believe I mentioned earlier this year that I have some urge to do an Erza cosplay from Fairy Tail.  It wouldn’t be this armor, but man this girl did a nice job!


This Thranduil looked amazing, and seemed to have the character’s attitude down quite well.  The fabric choices on this cosplay are fantastic.


These girls must have been from an anime that I don’t know, but their costumes make me want to know it!  Look how detailed!  And the girl on the right brought her own stool so she could sit while taking photos – very smart!  And her skirt hid it quite well!  Let me know if you know what these two are from.


Here is a wonderful Silence hanging out with Vastra from Doctor Who!  Man, the Silence are creepy …


And last but not least, Agent Carter and Indiana Jones!  There were several good Agent Carters, but they weren’t quite popular enough to make the list above.  Maybe next con they’ll be in full swing 🙂


If you see yourself (or someone you know) in any of the photos above, please let me know – I would love to link to your blog or social media.  Tomorrow I’ll give you my review of the convention itself, and maybe throw a few last cosplay photos in 🙂  Have a good one!


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  1. April 14, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    Just wanted to say that the staff here at Wonderflex World enjoys following you. We don’t have the opportunity or resources to attend the various cons….so great to see your photos. Thanks for doing what you do.

    • April 14, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Thank you, that means a lot!


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