MegaCon 2015: Lady Hades Cosplay Notes

I have yet to give y’all details on my cosplay experience at MegaCon, so that is today and tomorrow’s post topic!  Retrospective time!

On Friday, I wore my Hades cosplay, which will henceforth be known as my “Lady Hades” cosplay, for about 7 hours, from 9 until 4ish. Here are my notes.

  1. This is not an immediately recognizable cosplay, likely due to the fact that this movie is a bit obscure in the Disney archives and I did a gender bent version of the character that doesn’t look exactly like the cartoon.  However, when people do recognize it, many of their reactions are intense and excited!

Dad and I take a photo with an awesome talking dalek.

2.  Having a person dressed as Joker run up to you calling you “Your Most Legubriousness”, sliding onto his knees, and immediately worshipping you shouting “We’re not worthy!!” Pain and Panic style is not an experience you have more than once in a lifetime.  I wish I had that on video …

3.  I only brought Panic with me as Pain is falling apart and turning gray from DragonCon.  I didn’t think that mattered, but more than one person asked me where he was at.  Next time I think I will need to go back to having both.  I did get a few nice comments about my work on Panic.

Practicing my squinty glare since I am supposed to be evil and all.

4.  The wig for this costume causes me some grief still.  I think the weight of it causes it to slide back on my head frequently, causing lots of adjustments.  Next time I’m going to try to tighten it with the clips on the inside, and not wear the silicone band I have been wearing underneath it.  It also tends to tangle and gets caught on my el wire sometimes.

5.  If I were to ever upgrade this costume, I would consider putting the el wire further forward on the sleeves as it is very tough to see all that hard work from the front.  You can see the el wire around the collar well, but not the sleeves.  On a brighter note, the short in my el wire did not give me any trouble this time.

6.  My new contacts looked really fantastic with this costume.  They were a bit annoying to wear – I pretty much had a soft yellow haze around the edges of my vision the entire time.


Close up of my new contacts for this cosplay.

7.  I love how unique this cosplay is – I didn’t see a single other Hades at the convention.  Although, I did see a Hercules and Megara wandering around Saturday while I was in Fluttershy 🙁  I wished at that moment that I had Hades on for a photo!

8.  The skull clip for my hair helped a lot in terms of keeping the wig bangs out of my eyes.  I might move it to the side opposite my toga skull pin next time.


A shot without Panic, where you can see the skill barette well.

9.  Alcohol based body paint is not something I plan to do again.  It did in fact work better than the water based paint in terms of staying on through sweat and over time.  However, creases like elbows and hands did start to come off a bit later in the con.  It was expensive to get, and I used up the entire bottle of white paint just to get my arms, face, and legs covered.

10. Removing the body paint is possible, but boy is it a process.  I used about 3/4 of a large bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol and some makeup sponges to remove it from myself while standing in the bathtub of my hotel room.  It removes sort of easily, but as the alcohol starts to evaporate / dry or as you try to rinse off with water, the paint kind of resets into your skin, likely in a different spot. It took me like an hour and a half to get to a state I was willing to go out in public in. And my room smelled like rubbing alcohol for the rest of the night. The only good news was that it wasn’t too terrible to remove it from my face / eyes / mouth.  It certainly was not tasty though.  In all, it just wasn’t worth the hassle in my opinion. Water based paint from now on.

I was totally running out of paint by the time I got to my feet … and you can tell looking at my toes 🙁  Oh well.  Fluttershy notes coming up tomorrow!


2 comments for “MegaCon 2015: Lady Hades Cosplay Notes

  1. Jill
    April 16, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Looking fabulous, as always!! I think you should find a talented seamstress to make stuffed versions of Pain and Panic. Much easier to carry around. Hmm… whom do you know that sews? 😉
    You could easily make those.

    • April 16, 2015 at 9:45 am

      Hah, thanks … but after the floppy headed Angel I made for Fluttershy, I’m not sure I could do much more complicated than that! I will think about it 😉


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