MegaCon 2015: Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash Cosplay Notes

First of all, I want to say that my mother-in-law, Debbie, is pretty fantastic. She cosplayed for the first time with me on Saturday, wearing my Rainbow Dash costume while I wore my Fluttershy.  She looked wonderful in it, and gave the new wig I styled recently a trial run.  It was really fun wearing the costumes together, and I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did!  Now hopefully the next time Dad goes to a convention with me, I will convince him to cosplay as well … 🙂

We wore wore the costumes for about 4 hours on Saturday afternoon.  I have some notes on each one, but we’ll start with Fluttershy since there are more of them.

  1. It felt like it wasn’t 10 minutes into wearing the costume that one of the butterfly pins unattached itself from the pin back.  Maybe next time super glue instead of hot glue?
  2. The center of the corset sticks out a bit too much, but I safety pinned it in place and hid it with an extra small butterfly pin like the ones on the parasol.
  3. Angel’s head is a bit too floppy.  I doubt he looked at the camera once during any photos we took.
  4. The parasol, Angel, and my purse were a bit too much to carry, especially when I wanted my phone to take pictures of others.
  5. The butterfly pins that did stay on my skirt hung there a bit limply.  I need to find a better way to attach them so they are more easily visible.

    Fancy Fluttershy outside the convention center.

  6. No one noticed my jamberry nails, but it was likely because I was holding a parasol and a bunny, keeping the nails hidden well.


7.  Since I had so many issues with the Hades wig, I used the tighteners on the one for this costume, and I didn’t have to touch it once!

8.  I switched it so the hat and the ponytail were on the same side of my head, and liked that better.

9.  I did occasionally hit my hat with the parasol, but never knocked it off my head.

10. When I closed the parasol, the antenna wires on the butterflies got caught on one another a bit.


Here are a few minor notes on Rainbow Dash.

  1. Debbie wore a white tank instead if the strapless white tube top that I made for the costume. It looked better this way.
  2. We safety pinned the jacket a bit at the side seams, and this seamed to prevent some of the weird fit problems when saluting.  Worth remembering for future.


Sky Captain Rainbow Dash looking 20% cooler!


3. The new wig looked great on – very vibrant in color, and the glue and styling held very well.  A few of the spikes needed some extra glue after the car ride, but it worked well.

4. The red ribbon fell off the cutie mark pin, and I need to remember to replace it before next wear.


I’m starting to wonder if I will need to make a pony costume every winter for the next four years so that I can have all my designs as cosplays for the Mane Six.  I really enjoyed having a cosplay buddy for Fluttershy, so the experience from MegaCon has me excited for our upcoming group Disco Mario Party cosplay at DragonCon.  I’ll be starting those up soon, so check back for progress!  I think this concludes my week of MegaCon posts, but next week I’ll have more on my trip to Universal while I was down there.  Have a great weekend!

You can see my droopy butterfly pins well in this one.




2 comments for “MegaCon 2015: Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash Cosplay Notes

  1. Jasia
    April 17, 2015 at 9:17 am

    If you ever need an extra body for a pony cosplay group, I’m your gal!

    • April 17, 2015 at 9:19 am

      Sold! Now we just have to figure out what con to go to together! 🙂


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