International Tabletop Day Marathon 2015

We did something like this last year, and actually managed to do it ON International Tabletop Day.  This year, MegaCon pre-empted that day for me, but I knew we still had to celebrate.  So we opened our house to our friends for 12 straight hours of gaming fun!

Over the course of the afternoon we had about 15 adults and a handful of kids at the house to hang out and play.  Some of the games that were played include:

1.  Xenoshyft: Onslaught


A card based coop game that has a bit of a tower defense mechanic in it. This was the first time it was played, and I believe the game won.


2.  Drakon – a friend brought this one, so it was new to me.  Always fun learning new games! 🙂


A group playing Drakon in the kitchen.


3.  Castles of Mad King Ludwig

4.  Settlers of Catan

5.  Candyland (w/ Disney Princesses)


Suzanne, Colin, Jesse, and Ella played some Candyland. I failed at getting more of Ella in the photo; she has a lot of energy 🙂


6.  Alchemists – look for a board game review on this title we picked up at Megacon at the beginning of next month!

7.  Mystery Express


Mystery Express is a fun logic puzzle game. I believe this one was ended a bit early.


8.  Letters from Whitechapel

We had some yummy noms throughout the day and drinks as well, and a taco bar for dinner.  Suzanne made some yummy smores rice krispy treat rolls for dessert.  And of course as the gaming ended, the hot tubbing began.  All in all, it was a great day, and I look forward to next year’s event – although I am sure we will play plenty of games at game nights in between now and then 😉  Thanks to everyone who came and made this event so much fun!



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