Living Room Makeover

I did do some sewing this weekend, but today’s post is about some recent upgrades to our living room.

I had identified the sectional that I wanted online from Rooms To Go a while back.  But decided I needed to go sit on it in the store before purchasing.  I was happy with the comfort of the couch for sure, but while we were there, they had a deal going on.  The couch itself was about $2k, and that was all we were going to buy, but the deal threw in the ottoman to match, a tv console stand, and a 65″ tv for another thousand.  We had been thinking about upgrading the tv in the living room for a while, and this seemed a good opportunity, since we estimated our savings around at least $600 on the deal.  Low and behold, the resulting couch! 

Doesn’t it match our dragon mural nicely? 🙂  it came in orange as well, but with the dining room walls orange just a few feet away, I think blue was the better choice.  The dogs approve of their new place to snuggle.

And after a bit of a struggle, we removed the old tv from the wall and replaced it with this one.  I have recently been watching Arrow on Netflix, so don’t mind the Barry Allen drive by. 

We kept the same wall mount as the tv was lighter than the max weight for it.  It was a four person job to get that thing on the wall, but happily it hasn’t fallen down yet.

The last pieces of the improved living room are here – the tv stand, which is just going to serve as book / dvd storage and maybe a display location once I clean up the few odds and ends on top of it.  And we bought two shelves from Amazon to house many of our dragon collectibles.

The only thing left is curtains for the windows, and let’s face it, I’m procrastinating on that one!

Since I am sharing house things, i recently acquired a few new Star Wars prints that are hanging nicely along my staircase. 

I love the probe droid one!  I got these from Etsy at  a shop called Herofied.  I highly recommend it, as I have ordered from there twice and been super happy with my orders!
Are you working on any house projects lately?  I’m not sure what’s next for me.  Maybe hanging the rest of my MegaCon art goodies!


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  1. May 18, 2015 at 10:18 am

    I really like the sofa! Looks perfect in your living room. I’m dying to move to a bigger place so I can do some redecorating. One of these days! 🙂


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