Pattern Review: Onyx Shirt

Over the weekend, I took some time to stitch up the Onyx Shirt from Paprika Patterns.  I had a sewing group gathering Saturday afternoon, and one of my friends even brought some fabric with her to make up the other view of the shirt!

I had no problems this time putting together the pages of the pattern and taping them nicely – it really helps when you don’t leave half the pattern on the printer, hah!!  I cut everything to a Size 8, and for View B of the pattern.  When Sally came in and needed a slightly smaller size and the cropped View A, she used some tracing paper to transfer the markings to her paper and then cut out her pieces.


I used a nice soft rayon print fabric that I have had in my stash for years, since the pattern recommended woven fabrics.  I had a nice contrasting broadcloth in gray for the sleeve cuff in my stash as well.  Sally used a beige linen for her top.

In terms of piecing the shirt together, the Onyx was a pretty easy project.  Here were some of my favorite things about this pattern:

1.  I loved that I didn’t have to do any easing of the sleeves, and that the pattern utilized the flat sleeve method.

2.  I had never done a neck line using hidden bias tape to finish it, and that was well described in the instructions.


3.  The pattern had URLs included in it for every step with online tutorials.

4.  The tip boxes were quite useful and interesting.

I did wish for a photo / illustration of the epaulet attachment process on the sleeve decoration for Step 6, but managed to get by okay without one.  Here is a close up of my finished sleeve.  

I enjoyed sewing this shirt, and it was a pretty quick project.  Sally finished her view of it in a single afternoon, while I did all but the last step (the epaulet) in one day and then finished the rest the next because I wanted to buy cuter buttons 🙂

 Here is Sally’s completed View A. 
And my completed View B (worn with my Jade Skirt, also from Paprika!). 

I highly recommend this pattern – it’s a cute, blousy shirt, and I am a fan of the epaulet and contrasting sleeve look.  I feel like this has a lot of potential with various other print fabrics.

If you are interested, hop on over to Paprika Patterns – they are having a sale right now and the pattern is 15% off!



2 comments for “Pattern Review: Onyx Shirt

  1. May 22, 2015 at 7:35 am

    What a cute outfit! It’s all very flattering. I may have to make one of these tops soon.

    • May 22, 2015 at 8:20 am

      Thanks! You’d be able to do it very quickly, and it’s a great stash busting project 🙂


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