It’s a … Work in Progress!

Seems the story of my life right now.  So I figure it is time to just embrace that, and write a short post about all the different works-in-progress in my life right now 😉

1.  Disco Mario Party Costumes

I managed to do some work on these over the holiday weekend.  I added an underlining to Jesse’s Luigi overall straps since the sequinned fabric is very light and sheer; we didn’t want to chance them ripping at the con. I also hemmed the top of the overalls and the straps.  Only thing left to do on these is have him try them on with the fancy shoes, so I can hem them to the appropriate length.

FullSizeRender (9)

It looks pretty nice on the inside, don’t you think?  I just did a quick fold over hem with a zigzag stitch as a rolled hem with sequins just seemed like asking for trouble.  I may decide to add a small underlining piece to the front of the overalls where the snaps / velcro / buttons will connect the straps to the front, again just for some stability.

I also got started on Mario’s overall’s.  They are about 40% done I would say.  I just need to stitch down the outside of them, and then do the top hemming.  This set won’t need underlining as the fabric is a nice sturdy knit, with a slightly different patterning of sequins.  I used the same technique to tack down the seam allowances on the red overalls, though it seems the zigzag stitch may be a bit more visible here, so I won’t do it down the center front and back.



Once overalls are done, I’m going to work on the pattern for their shirts.  I bought some Fosshape from to try out for this project, as I want to use it as a middle layer for the collar part of the shirt to make it stand up nicely; in the past I’ve tried extra firm interfacing, but I have hopes that this stuff will work much better.  And it can be sewn together, then molded with heat, like thermoplastics.  My current plan is to sandwich it between two layers of fabric for the collar pieces, and also stabilize the shoulder area of the shirt with it as well.  I will keep you updated on working with this new material!


2. Geek Alphabet Canvases

This is the first project I’m starting for Baby Allen, and it’s not even a sewing one!  I know.,. weird.  But I’ve been making a list of geeky things that start with each letter of the alphabet, and I’ve been trying to find some sort of kidsy image of them on the interwebs that I can use as a base to sketch onto the canvas.  So far, I have done 3 letters.  And I haven’t even painted them.  It’s a slow process …



I’m not sure I can think of other things for the letter ‘O honestly … but Optimus would have been my first choice anyway. 🙂  I also did Y is for Yoda …


… cute right? … and the last one I have done at the moment is Z is for Zelda!


I don’t have all the letters finalized yet, so please let me know if you have ideas!  They don’t have to be characters – I’m contemplating T is for Tardis and X is for X-Wing – so just anything geeky 🙂

3. Wedding dress for Amanda

This project is still in its infancy.  I believe I have mentioned that I’ll be working on a wedding dress for my sister-in-law who is getting married in July 2016.  She has settled on a design that she wants, and we have gotten her measured and a corset pattern drafted out.  I’ve also collected a bunch of fabric materials – tulle, horsehair braid, and maybe a silk for the bodice?  I can’t remember at the moment.  But my next step on this project is to make a muslin of the bodice and plan out how it will connect to the skirt, etc.  This project is slated for after DragonCon since that deadline is first, but I’d like to get it mostly done before Christmas and the baby arrive.

4. Baby

This is kind of the DUH one.  Baby growing is in progress, and last Thursday we found out for sure that it is a BOY!  I’ve had two dreams that indicated it was a boy as well, so kinda weird that it worked out but at the same time not really a huge surprise to me LOL.

15WeeksLightsaberHave yet to feel him move or kick, but I imagine that will be coming soon.  We’re in the process of trying to choose a name, and the second trimester is just barely underway, so thankfully I am less tired.  Maybe that means more sewing will happen.

That’s really “it” for now.  I have a few more projects coming down the pipe it seems around Halloween time, and I would like to do something with some of the dalek fabric I recently acquired, but if that waits until after the baby is here, that would be okay.  Cheers!



2 comments for “It’s a … Work in Progress!

  1. July 6, 2015 at 8:31 am

    A boy! How exciting!

    • July 6, 2015 at 8:35 am

      Yep! Didn’t take long for the tech to tell us, either, he was pretty eager to show off…


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