New Board Game Review Metrics

Over last weekend, I decided with the help of some friends that it is time to revise my board game review process a little.

From here on out, I will be rating games along several 10 point dimensions, and then averaging these to get the overall rating.  The numbers are still out of 10.  Let me tell you about the dimensions.

Theme – Does the game immerse the player in its story or theme?  Or is the theme a little bit hard to understand?

UX – The game’s User eXperience.  How easy is it to use the game board and pieces to help you play the game?  Is iconology confusing or clear?

Art – The design and artwork on the box, game board, and game pieces.  Is it colorful?  Whimsical?  Fun?

Strategy – Are the strategies in the game common and easy to deduce?  Is there a lot of randomness involved?  How much strategic variety and complexity does the game have?

Entertainment Value – Is the game fun?  Does play time feel to quick or too long?  Did you enjoy it the whole time you played or did you get bored?  Compare the time the game took to how entertaining the game was, and evaluate.

To give you an idea of how my new scale works, I’ve re-rated all the games that I have reviewed in 2015.  Check out the infographic below!

Untitled Infographic


I’ll have a new board game review for you on Monday.  Hope you checked out all the giveaways that Ryan offered this month over at – including Castles!  He’s got some more good ones coming up in August – including Pandemic Contagion!


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