Tutorial: (Disco) Mario Brothers’ Hats

Over last weekend, I worked on the finishing touch for the Mario and Luigi cosplays for DragonCon – hats!

First thing first, I had to make a pattern.  Because they will be wearing wigs, I measured my husband’s head circumference with the wig on.  Then I did math to figure out the hat opening’s radius and started my pattern.

I swore I took a picture of the pattern pieces, but my phone has mysteriously deleted it.  Or it’s just yet another instance of prego brain.  So instead, please have a photo of the fabric pieces.  You must cut the outer fabric and the Fosshape for each of these.

The ‘L’ applique was separate, but this photo shows all the pieces after they have been connected.  Steps to connect:

1. Stitch outer fabric and Fosshape together along outer edge.  **NOTE: I discovered later that Fosshape shrinks a lot compared to the sequinned fabric.  You may wish to preshrink / heat your Fosshape before stitching.

2.  On some pieces, like the applique, you may want to fold the fabric over the Fosshape and tack it down.

3. For the applique, after you have attached Fosshape to the fabric, you should outline the letter you are going to cut out with a basic straight stitch.  You may even wish to draw it lightly before stitching, or you could wind up with something like this:

The good news is, you are gonna cut out the center of the ‘L’ anyway, so making smaller messups is ok.  After the cut, it should look like this.

You’ll zigzag over the inner line there, so the edges of the Fosshape here will be less noticeable.

And that’s it.  Now you are ready to connect the pieces!

1. Stitch the applique onto the main piece of the hat.  Stitch in the ditch (or zigzag) for the outer edge, and then zigzag on the ‘L’ piece.

2. I added bias tape to finish the edge of the main hat piece at this point.  I realized later I would have an unfinished edge on the brim, but it is hidden, and would not have been easy to add the bias tape to once the hat pieces are together.

3.  Attach the brim.  You could swap this with Step 2 if you are feeling adventurous about your bias tape skills
4.  Attach main hat piece to the top hat piece by stitching around the outer edge. 

5.  Turn the hat right side out, and shape the hat with a heat gun on a low setting.  I was paranoid that the sequins would melt or something, but the biggest issue I had was the shrinking effect of the Fosshape resulted in a slightly puffy look to the hat.

I did decide to tack the top of the hat to a point on the center front with a couple of stitches, to help keep the ‘L’ from leaning forward too much.

Repeat the same process for a Mario hat!  I’ll be doing the same this week. 🙂


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