Peach-y Progress

Since I want my Peach costume to fit over my baby bump, I waited until a couple weeks ago to pattern it out and cut it.  I still haven’t begun sewing it, since I am focusing on finishing up Mario.  But here is my sketch of the dress…

 …and the pattern pieces I made for it.

 I have been working on the crown for Peach.  I have cast some gems out of clear resin, and tinted them turquoise and hot pink with some bright food colors (just 2 drops).    

Rather than stick the LEDs into the resin as it dried, I decided I would try drilling a hole into the finished piece, and fitting the light in there, which would allow me to swap the lights if they burn out someday.

 It works, but the light is very bright in the center of the hole.  So I decided to put some nail polish into the drilled hole to see if it would darken the central light dot.  It’s not completely sucessful, but definitely helps a lot!

And I used foam and worbla to do the crown.  All that is left is to wire up the bits and glue everything together.  Here is some practice wiring I did.

 This weekend I stitched together Mario’s hat.  I’m still learning about Fosshape, and it appears that heating it through other fabric only sometimes works.  It worked well enough for Luigi and the shirt, but I am assuming it was because both of those fabric weights are very light.  The Mario fabric weight is a bit heavier, and I was glad I could heat it from the underside of the hat.  

I also tried my hand at making a mustache for Luigi.  It has a small foam base, and then I cut and glued a bunch of fake hair onto the foam in layers.  When all the glue had set, I used Got2BGlued hairspray and some Elmer’s to style the mustache into an appropriate shape.    

I’m content with it, but am scared it won’t stay on my husband’s face.  Will definitely need to do a test run next weekend.


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