Plumbers and Peaches

This weekend our friends from Georgia were in town to visit and so that Colin could try on his Mario costume, in case I needed to make adjustments.

And I definitely did!  Here’s a shot of them the first time they tried the costumes on. 

You can see how baggy Mario’s overalls are.  I wound up doing the following to Colin’s outfit:

1)  Shortening the overall straps

2)  Taking in the overalls at the side seam, from the top hem to the pockets

3)  Hemming the pant legs

4)  Hemming the overall top hemline

5)  Shortening the sleeves

I also hemmed Jesse’s Luigi overalls at the pant legs.  And then they tried on the complete costumes one more time.  Neither is wearing their mustaches, and I still have to make the Mario one.

I spent Sunday beginning work on sewing my Peach dress.  I tacked Fosshape into the sleeve pieces, and darted them a few times prior to heating the fabric to try to puff them up.

 After putting the main skirt pieces together, I used my serger to gather the bright pink overskirt bits, and then pinned them onto Dierdre so that I could cut them to the shape I wanted.  Then I hemmed them. 

After attaching the overskirts to the main skirt, I attached the skirts to the bodice.  Here is where the dress stands now.

I’m going to adjust the neckline some, shorten the skirt hem, and probably add elastic to the empire wait seam and sleeves.  The neckline will also need a facing.

But the good news is, Peach’s dress should be completed this week!  Stay tuned… some prop work incoming as well! 😉


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