Lights, Lights, and More Lights!

In case we are not shiny enough in our disco outfits, I felt the need to add some LEDs to the group Disco Mario Party costumes.

I’ve mentioned before that I am lighting up my crown for Peach.  After casting some resin gems and tinting them with food coloring, I glued some aluminum foil to the backs.  Then I drilled LED sized holes in the back of the gems, and tested them with LEDs.  I wasn’t happy with how much white light came through the center of the gem, so I tried to mute that effect a bit by putting nail polish into each of the drilled holes and letting that dry.  Then I glued the gems onto the crown at each corresponding hole for the wires to poke through.  Then the tough part: making a parallel circuit.  Conceptually, it’s not that hard.  But the materials I have are all tiny lengths of wire meant for using on breadboards, so soldering them all together in a configuration that works within the confines of the crown is a bit more of a challenge.


I was terrified that I would go to turn on the circuit and nothing would happen.  But happily… 

I wound up using electrical tape to secure the wires inside the crown and then hot glue to stick the battery pack down.  It is not pretty on the inside, but it should work just fine.

As you can see, I have yet to style the wig.

I also worked on fireball props for our Disco Inferno Plumber Brothers to carry.  These are pretty easy, made up of:

  1. Clear plastic fillable Christmas baubles (I think I got 100mm diameter ones … that’s about 4″; sadly not easy or cheap to buy in single quantities)
  2. Green / Red cellophane
  3. Battery powered strands of LED lights (again, in red and green; requires two 2032 batteries).

I cut a fire shape out of the cellophane, and hollowed the center in a size a bit smaller than the diameter of the ornament.  This allows it to catch in the ornament closure seam.  Looks kinda like this.


Then I opened the ornament, stuffed the LED wires in there (with batteries in and turned on) with a crumpled piece of cellophane to help diffuse the light.  And I put the flamey cellophane piece back inside before I closed it.  Then I used scotch tape to secure the ornament seam a little bit along the bottom and sides.  Final product is below.  It’s not amazing, but again for ease of doing this project and the amount of time I spent, I’m happy with it.  Obviously, it looks cooler in dim light.


I’m currently testing the LED light strands to see how long the batteries last in there.  Cause once the ornament is closed around the lights and cellophane, you are going to want to open it pretty much never.

Just two more things to cross off the list for these costumes!  Weeee!


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