Hair: Here, There, & Everwhere!

I got quite a lot done this weekend on the Peach costume.  Everything really.  Just haven’t done a final try on yet because some resin for my blue gem pin on the dress is still curing.  So there will be more on the dress and final Peach look later this week.

Today, and the last few days have been all about HAIR.  Several kinds of hair even.

1.)  Mustache hair

I decided I had better finish up the work I started a week ago on Mario’s mustache.  After a lot of gluing and heating and shaping and cutting, I went from the picture on the left to the one in the center.  The one on the right is a reference photo of the mustache.



I couldn’t quite curl the tips as much as in the reference, but I think the general look is right.  This one was way harder to shape than the Luigi one.  In retrospect, foam would have been way easier, but hopefully the realistic hair look will add something to the cosplays.

I also tested out the roll on skin adhesive that I bought for the boys to use with these fake mustaches to make them stick to their faces.  My biggest take away was that I needed to use the heat gun to shape the foam backing into a curve so that it will sit nicely on their upper lips.  So I did that.  And I *think* the adhesive will stay.  We may need to carry the adhesive in a pocket with us in case of needing to reapply it.

2.)  Peach wig hair

I spent some quality time with the Peach wig this Sunday, as well as my Got2bGlued spray, some Elmer’s, scissors, a comb, the wig brush, and my heat gun (on LOW).  The wig I purchased is very thin and flat looking, which doesn’t really work super well for Peach’s hair.


In order to try to get some of the poofy, thick hair look into the wig, I looked up some tutorials on teasing wigs.  Seems to work just like teasing normal hair.

So first I sectioned off several areas to tease and sculpt – three at the top of her head, two along the sides near her ears, and then three more along the remaining hair in the back of her head.  I did need to cut some of the wig for this as well, as it came pretty much all one length.  On the left is my sectioning, the center, a sample of some teased hair, and on the right what the wig looks like from the side when I was all done.



I wanted to get the Peach look, but also keep some of the 70s traditional long hair style, so for now I left the length of the hair untouched.  But once I try it on with the costume, I may do a little bit more styling. Possibly get some big curlers out and try to give it some body at the bottom.  Here it is with the crown.



My Peach crown is a bit larger than in some of the photos, but these costumes are meant to be a bit emphasized, so we’re just gonna roll with the larger crown look.

3)  Real Life Hair Overhaul

Thankfully, I didn’t do this project myself, but I had been hemming and hawing over putting fun colors in my hair again for the last month or so.  After a lot of research into bleaching your hair while pregnant, I decided I was comfortable with the decision to dye my hair.  Lots of rumors circulate about it not being safe, but when you look at more reputable data sources (such as here, or this book I loved and read several times) there is no reason in my opinion to avoid it.  One thing I have heard and haven’t been able to confirm or deny, is that your changing hormone levels during pregnancy can affect the results of the dye job – like leave the colors looking wonky or something.

Anyway, all that said and done, I tried a new salon, wanting a multi-toned fire look to my hair with yellow, orange, and red, and possible some blue highlights.  We had to bleach it first since my hair is darker, and my hair doesn’t left enough for certain things.  Like the yellow and blue required a very light platinum shade of blonde to take, which is only possible for me near my roots.  They used Pravana Vivids hair stain, and I’m really happy with it.  We’ll see how long it lasts – I have purchased some sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner along with some tubes of the colors so I can potentially try to refresh them on my own.  I’ll keep you posted!



11 days to go!  I’m feeling good about the Mario costumes.  Not much else NEEDS to be done, so now I’m going to work on getting my other two older costumes prepped to take with me.  Which two?  I’m bringing Lady Hades, and probably Fluttershy.  Most of my things have corsets, and that is just not gonna work with the baby on board.  This week I am likely doing a replacement piece for Fluttershy’s corset that is nice and stretchy, just so I can wear it again at the con 🙂


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