Plans for DragonCon 2015

This year’s DragonCon app was ready for download around last Friday, August 21st.  Each year, it definitely gets better.  Here’s a shot of the Home screen of the app this year.


Despite all the new good things about the app, there are always a few problems.  For instance, every time the iOS app updates, it immediately crashes and you have to reopen it.  Doh.

My favorite new feature this year?  The “Attendees” list.  You can still add friends to your friends list via the old, wonky “Friend Code” method of the past if you are feeling nostalgic.  But if you are like me, you’ll probably say “Fuck that weird and complicated way of adding people.  Who thought of that shit anyway?”

This new method of adding people involves a few steps.

  1. Go to Settings, and MyProfile.  At the very bottom, check the box that says “Publish my Profile”.  Congrats – you are now searchable in the Attendees List!
  2. From the Home screen, select Attendees.  Scroll through the giant list, or enter some of the name of the person you are looking for.



3.  Select a person and press “Request Friend”.  They will receive your friend request in their Friends List view, which is accessible through the Menu / List icon underneath the “Home” icon.

They’ve also added a neat feature of “notes” to the maps area, and an ability to sync your device with other devices that have the app.  Good stuff, it seems.

Now if only the cell data / internet service on phones would improve … I have heard rumor that turning off iMessaging can help with this, so I plan to try that out this year.

In terms of my schedule, as usual there is not much that is truly set in stone.  I always enjoy finding things in the Costuming Track to go to, and this year the Gaming track has a bunch of sessions, including some demos.  Might go to a panel or two.  A group of friends are all going to the DragonCon Night at the Aquarium on Saturday, and since we have paid for that, I will definitely be there.  Here’s a sample schedule for my day on Saturday.  I feel like I have done well so far not over scheduling myself with lots of things I will not attend.  Only a few things I’ll decide not to attend hah.



I also have a goal of seeing at least one costume contest – and not the WoW one, since I have actually seen that one a few times.  I think there is a costume contest at the aquarium, so we’ll see that one at least. But it would likely be fun to see one of the bigger ones, like the Masquerade.  I also expect you’ll be able to find us in the gaming area of the Hilton about as often as we can find a table to sit and play at.

This weekend is gonna be all about trial runs of Peach (whose wig I am in the process of fixing …) and adding last minute details to my Fluttershy belly band.  Also, packing.  Due to already carrying a baby with me this year, I am pretty intent on getting all of our luggage into rolling suitcases, and having it not require more than a single trip from the car (because let’s face it, I’m an introvert and even talking to the bellhops is not my thing).  Check back next week to see if I succeeded, and also for a trial run of Peach!  Ta!


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