Packing, Painting, & Final Prep

This weekend, surrounding a visit with some old friends, I managed to get a few things done for both DragonCon and the baby.

For DragonCon, it was mostly packing.  

At the moment, it looks like I will succeed in getting clothes and costumes into two roller suitcases.  I even did a little better – one of the suitcases is a small carry-on sized one!  However, I am going to have some items that need to be carried outside a suitcase, such as:

1). Pain and Panic

2.) Peach wig

3.) Costume hats

4.) Disco bobomb

I had a few other things to do yet for costumes.  for instance:

1.) Pain is still in pieces from last DragonCon.  I worked on fixing him. 

2.) My pony ear fell off the Fluttershy headband.  Glued that back on.

3.) Pin backs fell off many a butterfly from my Fluttershy cosplay. I glued these back on.

4.) Rethinking my Fluttershy wings since I won’t be wearing a corset to hold them on.

5.) Painting the belly band I made to replace the Fluttershy corset with fabric paint butterflies.  

From the above list, I have not actually solved problems #1 and #4.  We’ll see if I even get these issues fixed by con time.

And in terms of baby things, I started organizing a closet and painting the walls.

I have a few colors to go, and obviously some of the stuff in the closet is paint related, but I felt like I made some progress on this front!  Thanks  also to my painting helpers 🙂

That’s all for today!  It may be quiet around here until I return from DragonCon, but I promise to have lots to say when I get back :). Check FB and Twitter in case I magically get interwebs and can post things while there!


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