DragonCon 2015: Cosplay Notes

Well, I took three costumes to DragonCon 2015 – Fluttershy, Disco Peach, and Hades – but by Sunday I was worn out and Hades never got its time in the sun.

Fluttershy Cosplay Notes

  • I opted not to carry Angel with me this time, since I found my hands to be too full during MegaCon.
  • Forgot the correct eyeshadow bits at home this time around – oops!
  • Even though I was prepared to have to wrap my wings around my belly with an ace bandage, it turned out to be very secure for me to just stuff the wire u-bend into the back of my top underneath the shirt, belly band, and under armor I was wearing.

  • I might have decided that safety pins are the best way to attach those butterflies to my skirt.  Screw hot gluing pin backs to them!
  • The most challenging thing to attach to myself without the corset was the tail clip.  I wound up vertically pinning two safety pins, and looping the clip through those as best I could.

  • My choker had a piece break as I was taking it off.  Will have to fix this before wearing it again.
  • In general, I didn’t see nearly as many pony costumes at this convention.  There were some, but I felt like they were way more common at MegaCon.
  • I only wore this for about 4 hours, and didn’t sit in the lobby for any of those.
  • Overall, I prefer the corset version of this costume by far.


  • Did enjoy a fun picture with some other cosplayers in yellow – Jake the Dog and a yellow mage of some kind



Disco Mario Party Cosplay Notes

  • We put these on Saturday afternoon around 4, and wandered the Marriott a few times before heading to the aquarium.  The costumes seemed quite popular and we got asked for a bunch of photos.

  • My white gogo boots for Peach left this pregnant lady with some very sore feet for the next two days.  I took the boots off when we walked back to the hotel from the aquarium!  My husband’s first experience with heels ended much the same way.

  • The mustaches I made for Mario and Luigi were a pain in the ass to keep on.  The skin glue didn’t work, possibly due to sweating.  We tried fashion tape in multiple ways.  This worked for a while for Mario, but not for Luigi.  Ultimately, I wound up drawing Luigi’s mustache on in eye liner, which made me think, “Why didn’t I just plan to do this in the first place??!”  Here is a photo taken by Matthew Hale that shows Luigi during some of his mustache malfunctions. 
  • The elastic on my Peach sleeves is a little too tight, left some marks on my arms. 
  • The crown had no issues staying on my head all night, which is more than I can say for the wig.  As usual, I was constantly pulling this one down towards my face to keep it in place.  Bobby pins and everything.
  • The brothers were expectantly more flashy than Peach, and the disco bobomb might have outshined us all. 
  • The fireball props were cute, but possibly a little much to carry.  Not to mention Mario’s split open, ripping the tape when he took a spill getting off the aquarium shuttle.  These were, however, pretty fun props to hand to the lots of little kids that took pictures with us.
  • Wearing our gloves made it quite annoying to try to use or take pictures with our phones.
  • We didn’t really expect so many photos to get taken at the aquarium, but we walked in the place and got bombarded.  Also lots more parents wanting pictures of their kids with us than I expected.  Cute and cool for sure!  Here are the boys trying to setup a swimming level shot, but making it look like they are spooning instead… 

That’s it for notes though.  Super fun to wear and to be part of a group cosplay.  I imagine we’ll take these again next year.

I will leave you with one of my favorite shots from the aquarium with another group of Super Mario cosplayers. 


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