Some of Snow White’s Minions

I did not make costumes for all seven of Snow White’s dwarves, but my friend and his family did need five dwarf costumes for their upcoming trip to Disney.

This was a quick and simple project.  I could have taken the time to actually sew the shirts myself, however, knit fabric is often expensive enough that it seemed worthwhile to just add on to already made t-shirts.  So they purchased the t-shirts they needed, and I prepared to make the following for each dwarf:

  1.  Buttons (appliques)
  2.  Belts
  3.  Belt Buckles
  4.  Hats
  5.  Beards (except for Dopey)

The best news for this project?  I used stash items for everything! 😀  My husband and my wallet are so happy …

What materials do you need to make your own seven dwarf costumes?

-2″ wide black elastic (I had a whole roll of this)

-Yellow fabric for buttons and buckles

-Stabilizer fabric for the appliques

-White felt sheets for beards

-String elastic for beards

-3/8″ elastic for hats

-Fabric for hats in various colors (I’d say 1/2 yard each color)

-T-shirts in various colors

-Sew-in velcro



1. Cut button appliques out of yellow fabric.  I used the spool of elastic string to size my “buttons”.


2. Measure and place the buttons in the center of the t-shirt with pins.  I used the ruler on my cutting mat to measure the width of each t-shirt, placed my “ruler” (the box of paints) at the center, and then gauged where I would place the buttons along that vertical line.  Typically the first button was a little bit above the armpit of the shirt.


3.  Cut out a belt buckle piece out of yellow fabric.  It must be at least as tall as the elastic you are using for the belt, and should be shaped as a large rectangle with two smaller ones cut out.  Below is a shot of how the belt goes through the buckle piece from the back.


4.  Attach the buckle piece to some stabilizer using a zigzag stitch.

5.  Place stabilizer behind the buttons and attach to the t-shirt with a zigzag stitch.

6.  Cut the appropriate length belt out of elastic.  I stayed about an inch to 1.5″ short of the wearers’ waist measurements.  Stitch on two matching pieces of velcro to the ends of the elastic.  Stick the belt through the buckle piece.  Below is the belt from the front and the appliques attached to the shirt.


7.  Cut two rounded triangle pieces out of hat fabric (width of the isoceles triangle should be about 1 inch more than half the wearer’s head circumference), and stitch them together along the rounded side.

8.  Flip the hat right side out, and create a rolled hem channel along the hat bottom, leaving enough space to insert elastic.  Insert the elastic, and then stitch to close off the elastic channel.

9.  Use the chin length measurement from your wearer to estimate the U-shape of the beard.  Fold the felt in half, and use half the measurement to cut the U.  Then cut the outside shape of the beard using scissors (I just eyeballed these cuts, but cutting while it’s folded made sure it was symmetric!).

10.  Zigzag over the ends of the string elastic to attach them t the beards.  You may want to bend the elastic once to secure it a little bit better.


Repeat this process for each dwarf you need!  Here were my finished costumes for my friend and his family.  I believe they had Happy, Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, and Dopey (from left to right below).


Hopefully there will be some pictures of them wearing these to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party when the get back!  Cheers!


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