Nintendo Nursery Progress

Finally, the painting is done!  And I can cross another item off that list of projects – baby room curtains!

After the apricot color was painted, all I had left was the turquoise stripe.

Needless to say, I have leftover paint after these accent colors. 
I had read that to prevent paint from seeping under the tape, that you should seal the tape line with the two colors you are painting against, in this case the apricot and lime.  But the lines looked pretty good from just the tape on those colors, so I decided to chance it without sealing.

Below you can see what it looked like after I removed the tape.  There were a couple of tiny spots where paint got through the tape a little bit, but it was definitely not the disaster I suspect it could have been.  I did use Frog Tape rather than just “normal” painters tape.  Worked great on the walls and ceilings, but was a pain in the ass on the baseboards. 
I wound up taking a tiny detailing brush and touching up the rough spots.  Didn’t take long and worked fabulously!

After all that, I turned the fabric I bought a while ago into a curtain for the window!

Yes, I said a curtain.  I didn’t buy enough to make two apparently.  Guess that is why you measure before ordering.  But honestly, the one curtain will function just fine, and I didn’t have to cut any fabric!

I did have to pin the liner fabric to the curtain.  Did I mention I also didn’t have enough of that? 

Regardless, a curtain was made!  Pretty much just hemming, and looping the top over so the bar could go through it. 

Here is a closer up shot of the fabric against the green color of the wall! 

It will be a little while before any more progress, but I am excited to finish it all up! 🙂


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