Best Baby Bash EVAH!

Last week my parents were in town visiting for the first time since I’ve been pregnant.  It was a nice visit, but busy because my sister and mom planned to throw us a baby shower while they were in town.  And with all the flooding from early October, the original location they had chosen got washed out!  So a little bit of last minute changes and stress, but the shower was wonderfully geeky and right up mine and my husband’s alley. :). It wasn’t a surprise, which I am not big on, but they managed to keep the theme a secret from me: Star Wars!

We took a few photos before the festivities began.  

I loved the balloon choices and they had very cute centerpieces on the table, complete with jars of sand (from Tatooine of course) and little Star Wars micro machines.

The metal place card holders had printed photos of baby Star Wars characters.  These characters also made their way onto the party favors – chocolate bars.  And lightsaber napkins!  

And of course, my sister slaved for days over a fabulous R2-D2 diaper cake!  Wow!!!!  Thanks, Meg! 

We are gonna leave him up in the nursery until we need the diapers (or the bottle brushes heh), cause he is THAT awesome.

There was way too much food – all very yummy – and lots of family and friends to celebrate with us :).  Thanks to all who came out – it was a great day!  They did a few baby shower games, with prizes.  One of Jesse’s favorite things they did was “books not cards” – we wound up with lots of great reading material for our little one, among many other nice gifts.

Here’s a shot of us with both sets of grandparents.

And one of us with our sisters and their counterparts.  

And a final one of us, the happy parents-to-be!  


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