Maleficent Madness

While I’ve been a posting slacker lately (which is likely to continue for a while if I am being honest), I have actually been working on one of my list projects for October – a Maleficent costume for a friend at work’s daughter.  They came over and picked it up on Monday, huzzah!

After measuring Julia, I drafted a pattern based on an image of the costume she wanted from the Maleficent movie.


I was most concerned with the collar pieces stabilizing enough to stand up, and with how I was going to connect the underarm fabric to the sleeves.  Everything else was fairly straightforward.  Here is my cutting layout for the costume.


Construction steps:

  • Connect the two front pieces at the center front, stopping just below where the zipper should go.
  • Connect the front of the costume to the back of the costume at the shoulders.
  • Attach the sleeves using the flat sleeve method.
  • Stitch the underarm seam of the sleeve closed.
  • Stitch the underarm seam on the costume “wing” closed, continuing to stitch the side seam of the robe closed as well.
  • Use pattern to mark the body seam, and stitch (right side out!).


  • Attach zipper.


  • Hand stitch (yes, you read that correctly folks; I willingly hand stitched something!) the wing top seam to the underarm seam of the sleeves.


  • Attach the collar pieces.
  • Hem sleeves and bottom of robe.
  • Add “Stiffy” fabric goo (I know you are snickering) to the collar pieces and let it dry.


  • Make a staff using PVC pipe, hot glue, paint, a clear plastic ornament, green cellophane, and green LEDs.


  • Using great foam, make some blobs of foam to carve with a Dremel into horn shapes.


  • Wrap the horns with black ace bandage.  Glue them to a headband.



And all done!  The sleeves were a tad tight at the wrists, but manageable.  Julia is a pretty shy little girl, but her dad assures me she was excited 🙂  I hope she has a great time trick or treating!



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  1. October 29, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Julia is so cute!!! It turned out great!


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