Better Late Than Never: Costume Planning 2016

Normally, I manage a costume planning post in January.  I’m only half a year late 😛  But I’m honestly surprised there is a costume planning post at all, given how busy life has been with Link.

Giving credit where credit was due, I believe this year’s main DragonCon costume endeavor was my husband’s idea.  And of course, since he said he would participate, I jumped on board very quickly.  We’re going to be making some fancy evening wear for Star Wars characters.  Specifically, the ones that wear helmets or masks.  I like to call it “Galactic Gala”.  A few friends may participate with us, but I felt I could really only commit to making two costumes – one for me, and one for my hubby – so other participants are welcome, but on their own building their costumes.

I pretty quickly decided that Captain Phasma was the character I wanted to cosplay, and sketched out my evening wear on some paper before translating it to the computer.


Here is a shot of the character for reference.



I bought some silver lame fabric to use for the dress.  And I am going to Frankenstein together a few patterns for the dress.  I want it to have a high-low skirt because I just love that style, so I am going to use the bottom half of the pattern I used for this dress.  And I bought a one shoulder dress pattern recently to use for the top.  I intend to stitch some of the lines of the storm trooper armor onto the dress in glittery black vinyl, but we will see how that goes.  And I bought these cute red heels to wear, which will go nicely with the red accent (a First Order symbol, I hope) near the cape.


I have already purchased a helmet because let’s face it, prop making is not my thing, and I certainly don’t have time for it in my life right now.  The helmet is pretty cool, and seemed reasonably priced to me. If you like it, you can order it here.


Jesse decided he would be a First Order Stormtrooper, to somewhat match my Phasma costume.  I bought a suit pattern to use for this, and have purchased some fantastic white knit fabric with white glittery zebra stripes on it.  Amazeballs, ya?  The black fabric is a moleskin.


I have black fabric for accenting the suit with, though I still debate how much black accenting is appropriate.  Do I do patches at the elbows and knees?  Certainly not at the crotch … Here is the armor for reference.IMG_5357

In case you are wondering, Link does not get to attend DragonCon.  It will be a good 14-15 years before that.  Maybe MegaCon when he is school aged.  Happily, his grandparents agreed to watch him for the weekend – Thanks, Debbie & Wendell! 🙂

While I have some other great ideas for DragonCon costumes, I feel pretty strongly like I am only going to get this one set done, and just bring some older things to wear, like the Disco Mario Party stuff.

That being said, Halloween is not too far after DragonCon.  And I happen to have this Frozen pattern for costumes.  And my sister lives in SC now.  So I’m teaching her to sew, and we are going to be Elsa (me) and Anna (Meg). 😀  Meg would like Link to be Olaf.  I am thinking something more like BB-8 from Star Wars TFA.  I even bought a Rey pattern at Jo Ann’s this weekend … Doubt I’ll get time for that, but maybe??  Certainly the Frozen costume is happening.  And Lincoln will get a Halloween costume.  But that is about all I can say for sure right now. 🙂

Hopefully my next post will include some progress, as I have already cut out my Phasma pieces!



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