DragonCon 2016 Cosplay Round-Up

DragonCon 2016 was a blast, as the previous seven years of the con have been.  Since I am not likely to get to multiple posts about this one, I intend to show you photos that I am gonna put into a few different categories this year.

Category A – Most Popular: I honestly might not have too many photos of these, but regardless I am going to list the trends I saw this year most frequently.

Category B – Most Unique: Those rare characters that you don’t see often but are done quite well.

Category C – Great Groups: Some costumes are just better in a group; they have a certain synergy – much like the Disco Mario Party and Galactic Gala costumes I’ve made.

Category D – Outstanding / Clever Construction: The ones that just make you go WOW – how did they do that?  Or I wish I had thought of that!

Let’s get started with…


1. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad version)

2.. Ghostbusters


This photo has both a Harley Quinn and some Ghostbusters (though admittedly we did not see many young kid Harleys).

3. Inflatable T-Rex Suits

IMG_88264.  Pikachu

IMG_89245. Deadpool



1. Jupiter from Jupiter Ascending


Terrible movie, but I remember NOTICING this costume as I watched it, thinking it would be amazing to make it. And this lady did the amazing!



Spaceship Guy from the Lego Movie! When I saw this dude, I just squealed with delight (and of course shouted, “SPACESHIP!!!”)

3. Flying Spaghetti Monster


Bless his noodle-y appendages!

4. Dark Zelda


She was just striking! Not sure if Dark Zelda is an actual character, but I know Dark Link is. And either way it is creative and the first time I have seen it done. Amazing!

5. Admiral Ackbar


IT’S A TRAP! Very well done, kind of cartoon-y version of Ackbar. LOVE THIS.



1. Jurassic Park Group


A few dinos, a Jimmy Buffett margarita man, Jeff Goldblum’s character (this dude looks the part for sure), and Alan Grant. Nice!

2. The Little Mermaid



These three looked fabulous – you almost never see King Triton!

3. PokeMages: The Eevee Evolutions


I can get Eevee, Vaporeon, and Jolteon, but I’m at a loss for the rest. Can anyone name them all?

4. Stranger Things group

Eleven, Joyce, and Dustin from Stranger things! There were lots of Elevens, but groups like this were rare!

Eleven, Joyce, and Dustin from Stranger things! There were lots of Elevens, but groups like this were rare!

5. This Old School Ninja Turtles group

Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop from old school Ninja Turtles.

Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop from old school Ninja Turtles.



1. Magikarp


She wore a dress, and the fish was around her shoulders and head. I imagine it was warm, but it made me happy every time I saw this costumes pose from our perch above. The skirt turning into the water is just perfect!

2. Toy Robot Stewie


Complete with a Stewie voice and commentary as he wandered around. I love the viewfinder shoulders, and Lois on the see and say wheel.

3. Taric from League of Legends


This is a gender swapped cosplay, which I automatically love as I am a fan of doing these myself. I hope she was in a costume contest and placed, because while it looks great from afar, up close when you can see all the tiny details, her costume is even more amazing!

4. Death Knight from WOW


I am not familiar with this particular armor set from World of Warcraft, but it definitely fits the concept of a Death Knight. I happened upon her in a hallway while she posed for other folks, but I was very impressed.

5. Unknown Skeleton Man and Firey Queen


I spotted this firey lady’s costume from above and knew I loved it, but still can’t identify it. And I definitely didn’t realize the skeleton was with her. Anyone know what these are?

Now that I have finally reached the end of this post … I am realizing I still have too many other photos to share to end here, hah!  So I hope to have some more photos for you, including some of us in our cosplay, later this week.  Which were your favorites from my “top” lists above? 🙂



2 comments for “DragonCon 2016 Cosplay Round-Up

  1. Patty Poulos
    September 12, 2016 at 8:22 am

    They were all amazing — but that Flying Spaghetti Monster was cool — my favorite is Toy Robot Stewie — this was very clever! Can’t believe how creative people can be with costumes!

    • September 12, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      Oh yes! And DragonCon is the place to be to see some of the MOST creative, not that I have been to very many cons (two). But people SAY it is one of the more “centered on cosplay” ones.


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