That’s Not How He Rolls

I finished up Lincoln’s BB-8 costume (the one I used Simplicity 2788 for) for Halloween last Sunday.

I wound up spending an hour inserting the elastic into the casing because I would get 80% done and the elastic pulling tool I use would come undone from the elastic 🙁  This happened at least 3 times.  The polyfill stuffing in the suit made elastic insertion much harder.

Additionally, sewing the casing shut was tough because of the fabric paint that spilled into that area.  I bent a machine needle during the process, ugh.  I probably should have paid more attention to how much of the fabric would be spent for the elastic casing.

By the time I got to putting the velcro on the shoulder straps, I decided to just use the sticky backing and not stitch them down.  I may regret that and decide to add a few stitches before Halloween.

On the bright side, it fits him better than I expected.

On the dark side, he hated it when I first put him in it 🙁


He is still not a big fan.  I think the polyfill upsets his equilibrium and balance, cause he kinda tumbles over a little when sitting.  We did get a few photos of him without all the screaming.


And Dad helped him stand up for a full body photo.  Sorry for the blurriness.


I have been making him practice, and putting him in it for a few minutes every chance I get.


Last night I started feeding him puffs while he is wearing it hoping to give him some positive associations with it.  The dogs were excited about this as well, which probably helped.  He loves the dogs (the feeling is not mutual for the dogs yet).


I am cautiously hopeful.  I do have a white shirt for him to wear underneath it and a pair of white footed pants.  Haven’t tried it with those yet – one step at a time hahaha.  Wish me luck getting him comfortable in it before next weekend!


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  1. October 25, 2016 at 5:56 am

    So cute! He can do this. He’ll probably be running around in it by the weekend. Also, Talon looks very interested in those puffs!


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