Geeky Monthly Baby Photos: 9, 10, 11, & 12!

Here are the final Geeky Fandom Baby Photos for Link’s first year!  I have put them all up on Flickr here if you want to check the full set out.  I ordered a set of nice canvas prints to hang on our wall in the house somewhere.  I’ll do a post once they arrive and I get them hung up nicely.

September brought us a full on crawler, not just army crawls anymore.  We celebrated with a Transformers theme, featuring Optimus Prime alongside Link.  I bought that little Transformers chair at a resale event here in Charleston, and I have used it nearly every month since.  Because placing my child in that chair would make him sit relatively still so I could take some photos.  He only fell out of it once or twice.

October was a last minute decision to do an Indiana Jones theme.  It was probably one of the best months honestly!  We took some photos in his BB-8 Halloween costume too, but y’all have seen plenty of those already.  I made sure to order extra rubber snakes from Amazon for this one, and yep, we used the amazing Chair of Sitting Still (has stats -50 to Movement Speed).  There were a number of photo outtakes for this month as Link hated wearing the hat.

Month 11 was possibly my least favorite of the year.  Although honestly, the Transformers from Month 9 was a close second.  I just didn’t feel like I found much good stuff to use for the theme.  Short of painting my kid yellow, or trying to teach him the “not worthy” motions so he could grovel in his pictures as if to his Evil Overlord, I am not sure how I could have made this better.  Thankfully, his grandfather was dancing around making him laugh for this photo, so at least we got smiles.  Mind you, he is a push walker and cruising machine, but still refuses to stand on his own or walk.

His measurements didn’t change much in month 12 – I think he was 30.25″ at the pediatrician, and around the same weight due to some Christmas time illness and vomiting.  However he’s got 6 teeth total now.  This kid’s teeth erupt so slowly.  He was working on the top 4 all at once since November, and they are still not completely done erupting from his gums.  But they are all very visible and he bites food with them, etc.

Anyway, I had been waiting to do the Settlers of Catan theme for a while.  I used some of the leftover fabric from my dress, and made Link a pair of pajamas pants (large enough that surely he can wear them for at least the next 6 months…) and a hat (which he, of course, hated).  And I bought a onesie and some fabric paint and made him the one he is wearing, based on a shirt I have.

Because surprisingly, no one on the internet sells much in the way of baby clothes for board gamers.  Yeah, you are gonna see several photos from this one.

All shirts look much better when you drool all over them.

Thankfully, it all came out very cute, and I used the fabulous “Catan for Baby” set my friend, Val, gave Link at our baby shower.  Link enjoyed rolling the stuffed dice, and chewing on the sheep.  I was particularly pleased with my rendition of the “12” on my sign (if you have played the game you will know the significance).

As you can see the chair still works, though I am glad this was the last photo in the set because he is clearly getting a bit ambitious.

Waving and destroying the foam “game piece” all at the same time. This is why we can’t have nice things.

And one final shot with the hat.

This concludes the year of geeky fandom baby photos!  Which one is your favorite?  I have several … but I don’t want to influence you with my thoughts!  Happy Friday!


2 comments for “Geeky Monthly Baby Photos: 9, 10, 11, & 12!

  1. January 5, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Your Catan stuff is so cute, but Mario Kart was easily my favorite photo set!

    • January 6, 2017 at 12:45 pm

      Mariokart worked well because his nursery is themed that way, so built in background! Plus, tiny baby mustache…


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