2017 Goals & Costume Planning

I didn’t do a “Year in Review” post for 2016 because let’s face it, my blog posts were few and far between.  And of the few you did get, at least 50% were about Link in some way.  So in 2017, I have a few goals.

  1. Blog more!  I’d like to get back to posting at least once a week.  I’d prefer to do 2x a week and get back to my typical Tues/Thurs posts, but with a toddler I am not sure if I can promise that.
  2. Sew more!  I have both costume goals and non-costume goals in terms of sewing.  You’ll hear more about the costume ones in a minute.
  3. Wear 3 costumes at DragonCon 2017!

Now that the goals are out of the way, onto more fun stuff!  If you’ve followed my little corner of the internet for a while, you probably know that January is the time of year that my brain goes into overdrive thinking about all the potential costumes I could make and deciding what projects I really want to do.  As per usual, that is my current obsession.

I have my sights set on completing at least 7 costumes this year.  That means about 1 costume a month starting in February, giving me until the end of August to be ready for DragonCon!

Don’t worry, not all of these costumes are for me.

Costume Goal #1: Marvel Superhero Jedi Group Cosplay

I *think* I have convinced Jesse and three of our friends to do a group cosplay this year at DragonCon.  Since Disney now owns Star Wars and Marvel, that is where the idea for this one began in my head, and it is not a mashup I have actually seen at a con yet (though I am certain it has been done somewhere).  Regardless, I have a set of characters and their designs all drawn up for us already.  I won’t be making everything for all the costumes; there will inevitably be some purchases involved, like boots, etc. But I plan to sew the main costume pieces.  Included we will have:

Twi’lek Jedi Hulk

My costume – lookout world, I have to try my hand at making lekku!

I am gonna have a hard time distressing this costume the way I want I think.  The boots almost don’t fit, but I can’t walk around con without shoes, so I’ll likely have to find a way to distress them too.  Thinking purple lightsaber.  I’m going with Hulk is a Jedi, not a Sith, because he can get his anger under control … and let’s face it, the Avengers are good guys.

Jedi Iron Man

Jedi Iron Man – Jesse’s cosplay.

Probably this will either have a helmet / mask, or I will face paint the Iron Man mask look onto him.  I kind of like the face paint idea as more “Jedi” feeling.  My preference is a yellow saber here, but it’s up to the wearers on their own blade colors.

Jedi Thor

Jedi Thor – Colin with a wig and a beard!

In addition to carrying a lightsaber, Jedi Thor will carry his hammer, Mjolnir.  I can’t decide yet if we will purchase this piece or make it.  If we make it, there will be LEDs involved.  Dual wielding son of Asgard, incoming!  Thinking white / silver / blue blade here.

Jedi Captain America

Jedi Captain America – Hunter

Again, not sure if the shield will be bought or made.  But I think either way I intend to light it up with some el wire.  Again blue or white blade here.  Red would work, but … Sith!  Cap is definitely not Sith.

Jedi Star Lord

Jedi Star Lord – Josh

This Jedi look for Star Lord is not that far off from his normal costume.  I basically changed the his coat to a robe and the tee to an under robe piece.  I imagine this one will have a helmet, and I plan to turn pistol handgun weapons into dual fist lightsaber weapons.  That will be interesting, since props are not my strongest suit, but I have some ideas already involving PVC pipe and Worbla.  Not sure what color I would go on the saber pieces here – maybe green?

I intend to make light up wearable logo pins for each character to wear – either on their belt or chest or as cape clips.  Somewhere that makes sense for their costume.  I’ll be testing out my build plan for those soon.

I’m very excited about these.  I can’t wait to start fabric shopping and building!


Costume Goal #2: Rey

I have this one cut out already, and even had all the fabric in my stash to begin with!  I had planned on trying to get this stitched up prior to Halloween last year so that Lincoln could be my BB-8.  I didn’t get all the way there.  So if I finish it this year, I will have to shove Link back into his BB-8 outfit for a few minutes for some photos with Mommy.  I conveniently also have the lightsaber I purchased at DragonCon last year (which works great for Costume Goal #1 as well), so I’ll likely take this costume to DragonCon 2017.


Costume Goal #3: Elsa

My sister and I were going to make Elsa and Anna costumes for Halloween last year.  We even started the fabric shopping.  But we didn’t get around to the costumes.  Since I bought us Anna and Elsa Jamberries over Christmas, I feel like we need to reinvigorate these costumes plans.  I’d like to get this one done before DragonCon too so that I can wear it then and for Halloween.  I bought the pattern for these during some sale or other when it was like $1-2. This is all part of learning to sew for Meg, so makes sense to go off a pattern for her first one 🙂


Costume Goal #4: Link’s Halloween Costume

He’ll probably be able to fit into BB-8 still, but I think I might want to make him something Frozen related to go with Elsa & Anna.  Currently thinking a little Kristoff or Hans.  Megan votes for Olaf, but as much as some folks enjoy that character, he is not my favorite Disney sidekick.  Still, Olaf is also a possibility, especially if Link likes him or something.

All hail our new Grommet Overlord!

My husband gave me an awesome grommet tool for Christmas, and so I also have a lot of desire to make another corset this year.  I might try to do so as part of my Elsa costume, but if not, I may just choose a nice fabric and make a corset as part of a future Ren Faire outfit or something.  The Ren Faire is in the fall, after DragonCon …

I think my plan is to get started on Rey first because that one is ready to go.  By the time Rey is done, I should have been able to collect all the bits I need for at least one of the Marvel-ous Jedi.  One per month!  Here we go!


4 comments for “2017 Goals & Costume Planning

  1. January 17, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Very ambitious! I’m excited to see the Jedi-Marvel costumes 🙂

    • January 17, 2017 at 1:49 pm

      Ambitious is one word for it … HAH! And me too … I’m dying to get started. Cleaning the craft room has so far netted a few fabrics I might be able to use!

  2. January 17, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    Can’t wait see what you do with that kick-ass grommet tool!

    • January 18, 2017 at 9:07 am

      I just went through my fabric stash and am getting rid of a bunch. Sadly, I didn’t find much brocade in there. I might need to go on a hunt for some for a new corset…


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