Other 2017 Sewing Hopes & Dreams

There are so many of these that I should probably extend these dreams into 2018!  I know I have made lists like this in the past, but let’s face it, anything left on the old ones is not gonna get done at this point!


A while back I made a leggings pattern, which I have used many times since.  Well, I’ve used it at least four times, which is a great amount of reuse for me.  I have more leggings planned, so it’s gonna get even more use!  Now if only I could figure out a happier way to do the elastic on the waistband…  I have got a lot of fabric ready for these, including sci-fi ships, space, unicorns, and more Star Trek.

Bird fabric outfit


Given the drape of this fabric, I think it should be either a dress or a skirt.  I was gonna ask you all to help me choose a pattern, but I found one during cleanup that I like.


Simplicity 1612 will be the choice for this pretty.  I think version D, which appears to be a sleeveless number with a keyhole neckline.

Admiral Ackbar dress / skirt

It’s a trap!  Yep, I bought some fabric that says this and has the famous Mon Calamari admiral on it.  Love it.


It’s a lightweight stretch knit, so I am thinking dress or skirt.  Would it be too weird as a dress?  I like the short Butterick 6050 sleeveless with the unique open back, but not sure the pattern would work well for this?  Alternately, I will make a hi low skirt out of the McCall’s pattern in the photo, and find some cute nerdy Star Wars shirt (maybe one with Ackbar!) to wear with it.  Which would you go with?

Pajama pants

Recently, a few of my homemade pairs of pajamas pants have been getting torn! 🙁  Honestly, it is the ones where I have modified the pattern to add pockets to the sides.  The pockets somehow get caught on the knobs for the kitchen cabinets and drawers as I walk by, which causes the tearing.  Anyway … I need more pajama pants.  Possibly without pockets.  Probably need to make a pair for Jesse as well, I vaguely remember buying him some Episode 7 flannel.  In my stash, I have some Tardis flannel, Penguins flannel, Star Wars Millenium Falcon flannel, and Star Wars Rey & BB-8 flannel.  You can never have enough pajama pants!

Furthermore, I found at least one pair of pajama shorts in progress as well as some already cut pieces for a pair of pajama capris and maybe one for pants.  These will also need to get completed post haste!

Christmas projects

These will likely get completed later in the year once the cons and costumes are over.  I have a fun fabric to use for a skirt…


But I also have a pattern for a mantle runner and a tree skirt that I’d like to do with these fabrics.  The reindeer would be the mantle runner, and the snowflakes and stripes the tree skirt, I think.

Knit Halter Dress

OK.  I bought and cut this fabric for this project at least two years ago.  Maybe longer.  I found it during the craft room cleanout I am currently undergoing.  And heck, it’s already cut!  And now I have a serger so no wavy seams!  Here is the intended pattern (Simplicity 1804 … which was actually on a list 5 years ago with a different fabric that has since gone to Goodwill!), and a glimpse at the already cut fabric.  Not sure when this will make it onto my sewing schedule.

Lady Liono Costume

This was found during the craft room cleanup as well.  I began a Lady Liono costume a couple years back, and it is I *think* the only costume I have started and not completed.  I’d like to assess where this costume is, and what is left to do to finish it.  And even if I would LIKE to finish it.  I still love the idea, but … I dunno.  Maybe I should have thought about this costume immediately after I had Lincoln when I was burning calories like a mad woman as I tried to feed my baby.  Any weight I lost from that has returned at this point, but I’m not so far gone I couldn’t get back down to a weight I am comfortable at in time to wear this at Dragon Con.

Based on what I found, I feel like most of the work is on accessories and props.  But I haven’t looked closely at the sewing yet.  And I might buy a different wig, as the one I have may not be my favorite.

Baby clothes

I have another romper cut for Lincoln … not sure if I will get to that before he is too big for it.  But I also have two pairs of pajama pants cut that he is definitely still able to wear.  I’d like to make him a pair of penguin pajama pants in the flannel from above, too.  I also have some space flannel and whale flannel on the way for more pajamas.

I need to grab another pattern or two for babies/toddlers, as I recently found some corduroy fabric in my stash that I love and would make great kids clothes.

Onomatopoeia Dress

I bought this fabric a while back too, and I think I am gonna Frankenstein to patterns together for it.  Take the top cap sleeved bodice of the Project Runway pattern, and the skirt with pockets part of the Simplicity one.

Yeah so … that is a lot of things.  And we know I have a lot of costume work to do!  More on the planning of my projects soon, when I am finally done with my craft room cleanup and can share all the details of my reorganized space! 😀


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  1. January 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    So many awesome prints!

    • January 25, 2017 at 8:41 am

      Yep! Now to find the time to sew them…


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